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Is the iPhone still great? Maybe Apple should change the script


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Apple’s iPhone is certainly a very popular device, but is it still “cool” to use? Maybe Apple should take inspiration from Samsung’s Flip range.

If the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max wasn’t interesting enough for you this year, you may have ignored the premium line entirely and opted for the iPhone 13 mini.

After all, even in a market saturated with big smartphones, switching to such a small device still represents a compelling upgrade for anyone whose interest in the iPhone is waning, simply because there is no quantum leap in features this time around.

The iPhone has always been rock solid in sales, and probably will be for quite some time with its relatively timeless design. But that’s not exciting, is it?

Why won’t it flip or fold?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been well received by the technical press. In fact, the author of this article has coveted one since it was released earlier this year.

That’s strange, because that same author chuckled at the resurgence of folding phones.

What if Samsung is on to something? Clearly, they are continually iterating the Z Flip and Galaxy Fold devices for a reason, and this is why a foldable iPhone like the rumored “iPhone Fold” might not be a bad idea.

Rumors have suggested that an iPhone with a foldable OLED screen is in the works, which retains most of the utility of the existing design but with more flexibility. Many patents have pointed to its development, but Apple has yet to really hint that something along those lines is on the way.

There is also no reason for Apple to ditch what it is currently doing. Because I would do? In 2020, 50% of Apple’s revenue came from iPhone sales – about $ 274 billion, to be exact, making it a product that you really can’t afford to drastically alter or see a dramatic cut in sales. income.

So something is clearly working, but it could do better. Here’s why Apple needs to unbutton its shirt a bit, grab a glass of the best off the bar, and add a more interesting iPhone to the lineup.

Samsung is looking more and more interesting

These annoy Apple; Samsung is, after all, one of its fiercest competitors. The rivalry has lasted for years, but the two companies operate in completely different ways.

Apple wants you to have an iPhone, which it frames as a premium mobile device. Instead, Samsung chooses to cover almost the entire market, introducing value-oriented devices alongside its flagship products.

The key here is that Samsung could easily have a really bad year for one of its flagships and not completely ruin its revenue for the year. In fact, this happened with the Galaxy Note range a few years ago, with major battery problems practically ruling out an entire generation per line.

Samsung's Fold line of smartphones may have had its initial problems, but they cannot be said to be boring.

Samsung’s Fold line of smartphones may have had its initial problems, but they cannot be said to be boring.

Sure, there have been some really strange attempts to differentiate the Galaxy line, like its adoption of periscope lenses for absurdly high zoom levels, but at least they’re having a chance.

That’s why it’s so much fun to keep an eye out for what comes out of Samsung’s smartphone labs and into the hands of its legion of fans.

It’s because Samsung is in a better position to take risks. Apple just isn’t.

Arguably, Samsung’s latest lineup of phones makes headlines more eye-catching than a new iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 13 has received rave reviews, but it focuses almost exclusively on battery life and camera capabilities.

We need the cool factor

Flip phones are great. Sometimes that’s enough to make the smartphone entertaining for potential buyers.

Opening and closing the technology is a lot of fun, and any AirPods Pro owner who’s had a boring time with the charging case will attest to that. The makeshift toy may not be a spinner, but its use is satisfactory.

The flip top of the AirPods charging case is a bit entertaining.

The flip top of the AirPods charging case is a bit entertaining.

Samsung is certainly well aware that folding phones are and always have been great, even if we go back to the early days of the Motorola Razr. Even when we all pretended to be using early Star Trek communicators and it was more of a novelty, it was still great to us.

“Great” is something Apple has always done brilliantly. But can we honestly say that it now extends beyond its branding and brilliant marketing campaigns? Is the iPhone really cool already?

There is a tone of utility

Flip phones are really useful. The idea of ​​shrinking a device when you need to put it in your pocket is compelling.

Even more so when you consider going from a device with a larger screen, similar to an iPad mini, to something with a more pocket-sized dimension.

But add to that the fact that the halved phone features an additional viewable screen for simple notifications, and that gets really cool. More importantly, it’s a safe bet that Apple would do something very innovative with a foldable phone; something Samsung has yet to dream of.

Apple always does this. A foldable iPhone would have one or two features that would really change the game.

That is, if Apple ever released such a device.



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