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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Introduction for November 24, 2021

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Dear gossip,

After last year’s f-ckery with The Weeknd receiving zero nominations, which is still shocking considering the success and ubiquity of their album. After hours and all the hits that came out of it, including “Blinding Lights”, a song that just achieved this recognition …

… the Recording Academy promised a reform. However, change is slow and, well, there are a lot of problems with this year’s nominations announced yesterday. However, I want to celebrate the two Japanese Breakfast nominations: Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album for Anniversary. The album’s title track, “Paprika,” is probably one of the highest-turnover songs on my tail of 2021. It’s an instant mood swing. Also, if you need a book to add to your holiday reading list, Michelle Zauner’s Crying at H Mart It is one of my favorites of the year. I interviewed her twice this summer and if I didn’t like her so much I’d be mad at her for being so good at so many things.

Now let’s get back to the WTF of the Grammys. We don’t need to get into everything, but I’ll focus on two artists here, starting with Megan Thee Stallion. His album, Good news, I was eligible in all categories but, same old shit, Megan only got one nomination, for rap performance, while Good news it was excluded from the category of rap albums; All of the nominees in the rap album category are male. So not only do they ignore her, one of the most influential artists in culture, and limit her to her genre, but she’s not even on the album’s shortlist in the damn genre.

Then there is Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is a certified superstar. Really certified. He was the most streamed artist of 2020, which speaks to both his appeal and the worldwide popularity of music in Spanish. His album, The Last Tour Of The World, came out a year ago, within Grammy eligibility, and became the first Spanish-language album in history to top the Billboard 200.

Bad Bunny received only one nomination yesterday, and it was a Latin genre category. So even with those numbers, even though Bad Bunny’s music is pumping all over the place, it can’t be considered in the general categories of the field. In fact, there is no representation in Spanish in any of the four main categories (Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist). Few songs were heard by as many people and as frequently during the last 12 months as “Dakiti.” The fact that Bad Bunny is not a more important factor in the “most important night of music” is incomprehensible.

For more information on Bad Bunny, Laia García-Furtado has just outlined it for Buitre in an article published this week. Bad Bunny, aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is getting into acting these days. He is currently promoting Narcos: Mexico. Has a role in the next Bullet train, starring Brad Pitt, and he spent part of this year preparing for WrestleMania – yes, WrestleMania, LOL – and it ended up being a huge success. Like I said, everyone else is aware of Bad Bunny, except the Recording Academy.

Yours in gossip


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