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Inside Nike Sport Research Lab’s LeBron James Innovation Center

The insatiably curious community working in space allows for a mix of intersecting talents, from biomechanical researchers and robotics experts to computational designers and patent professionals. In fact, the LeBron James Innovation Center is designed to facilitate collaboration and rapid prototyping (created in the one hour).

“In the innovation space, we take information from the NSRL and we can look for different ways to solve an athlete’s problem. It gets extremely interesting, ”says Janett Nichol, vice president of apparel innovation. “In a conventional way of building a product, we just went straight to a material, we got a pattern, we sewed it, and then that was it. Here, we can go to anything from biology or chemistry to pushing the limits of a machine to create a very different experience with the material. ”

Once the prototypes are made, the ability to test, and adjust, test, and repeat until an idea is solidified is there. It is a company informed by the scientific process.

“In the beginning, we were an elite running company. We expanded into recreational runners and then we went into other sports, ”says Tom Clarke, President of Innovation. “Every step of the way, it has been necessary to provide research and scientific proof that we are improving our products.”



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