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How is Australia preparing to host the 2032 Brisbane Olympics?


With the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympic Games drawing to a close, the Australian Olympic Committee has started a campaign to encourage the Australian government to contribute more seriously to Australia’s future participation in the Olympic Games.

The Committee wants to create a fun atmosphere, something like bagging a Fair Go Casino Bonus, for future athletes bound for the Olympics with an infusion of $ 130 million over the next four years. The money, the committee says, will be used to “invest appropriately in the sports industry” and to prepare for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, as well as to support the next generation of athletes.

Australia hopes to be a central stage for upcoming sporting events. The Australian Commonwealth Games Federation is currently engaged in discussions with the NSW government on the possibility of NSW hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games to facilitate competition and athlete experience. in preparation for the Brisbane Olympics.

AOC Executive Director Matt Carroll said: “This is the opportunity to restore the relationship between the sports industry and the government.” He presented a 54-page report, co-authored with the Commonwealth Games Federation, that provided details of how the government can invest in the sports industry over the next 20 years.

The federal government has shown interest and openness regarding the report presented. “This is what sport can do for the country, be it with mental health or with the obesity problem,” Carroll said, “which is going to cost a lot more than the covid pandemic.

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Carroll is now preparing the final budget that he intends to submit by the end of September. “While we agree with the Sports Commission’s 2030 plan, it has simply never been adequately funded. To do that is to redefine sports investing so that it works like any other business … sports will come with a business plan that will cover its entire operation, from participation to performance, as it would have to present to a bank. to get an investment. “


Australian sports fans and athletes have long argued that sports are underfunded in real terms. But Australian Olympic Committee it is preparing to challenge that status quo. Government officials are not discussing the need for better funding, but they need to find the money, which may mean diverting it from other sources. Richard Colbeck, the federal minister for sports, reports that sport has a federal budget of $ 480 million over four years. The government is examining ways to finance sport rather than “hitting the taxpayer.”

Ideas include boosting philanthropic giving. “We are trying to find more ways to do this instead of going to the taxpayer,” Colbeck said.

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The AOC is riding on the slopes of Australia’s triumph at the Tokyo Olympics, which has been one of the most successful in Australian history. Now that Australia has been honored with the Brisbane Games, the AOC is more influential in its push for long-term funding certainty. Sports in Australia have traditionally not been planned for the medium or long term. With funding guaranteed for just a year or so, teams and athletes have struggled to retain coaches.

Now, thanks to Australia’s success at the 2020/2021 Olympic Games, a new generation is inspired to invest in future Olympians.


Carroll wants the government to invest in the entire sports industry, including infrastructure, construction and education. He points out that such investment will generate employment and tourism. “We are not saying give us money and we are going to win some medals. We are saying invest in the sports industry, we can grow the paths of sports and increase performance, ” Carroll said. “By having a strong sports nation on the world stage, it can attract international sporting events to Australia, and there generate jobs, generate investment and income for hotels and hospitality in general, and it is not just the airline industry that needs to get involved. march again. ”

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Others echo Carroll’s opinion. Craig Phillips, Executive Director of Commonwealth Games Australia, notes that the report highlights the role sports play in helping people cope with mental stress and isolation, helping the government save money on future health bills, and boosting a more active and healthy nation. He noted that the 2018 Gold Coast Games resulted in long-term benefits for the community, including jobs, housing, and new facilities that



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