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How an AirTag Owner Used It to Find Their Stolen Vehicle

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An Apple AirTag owner whose car was stolen was able to locate and recover it despite the alleged thief finding and disposing of the accessory.

Reddit user thinkscotty recounted the situation on a post on thursday, explaining how an AirTag placed inside the vehicle helped police find and track the car.

“I’m a night owl. I went out to get in my car around 3 am earlier this week and found that my car was gone,” the user wrote. “My car (a 2010 Subaru Forester) had been stolen.”

The Redditor then called police, filed a report, though it said officers were not optimistic about the chances of recovering the vehicle.

“Then I remembered, after the dust settled, that I had put a replacement AirTag in my car’s sunglasses holder. I had bought a 4-pack and thought there might be a long shot that it might help me Finding the car. Millions of iPhones in Chicagoland too, so I thought the chances of them pinging were decently high, “Thinkscotty wrote.

Once the AirTag was marked lost, Thinkscotty received a notification that it had been found in a Chicago suburb about 10 minutes later. The user called the police and explained the situation. When officers arrived, they couldn’t find the vehicle in the Walmart parking lot where the AirTag was located.

Thickscotty searched for the AirTag, which was under a parked car, obviously found and abandoned by the alleged thieves. The user waited a while and almost lost hope. However, just before they left, they saw the stolen car return to the parking lot.

The Redditor quickly called the police, who arrived and detained the person in the vehicle.

“It was a crazy experience,” thinkscotty wrote. “But about the AirTags.

They work to locate your car. I wouldn’t have found mine without it. But potentially he would have found it faster if he had hidden it better. So my advice: hide it well, but somewhere it will not block the transmission of a Bluetooth signal. “

This is not the first time an AirTag has been used to find lost or stolen property. In early 2021, a safety expert was able to recover a slipped electric scooter using a well-hidden pair of AirTags.



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