Hennessey Project Deepspace is a 6-wheel electric hyper-GT


Hennessey Performance is often associated with turbocharged or supercharged V8 monsters. However, the Texas-based company is now moving towards electric vehicles.

We were quite concerned when John Hennessey announced his plans to build an electric car. That was until moments later when he revealed the initial design sketch for Project Deepspace.

The Project Deepspace will be Hennessey’s first electric hypercar and an extremely unconventional one. It has 6-wheel drive and can accommodate four people. The car is almost 20 feet long and has a teardrop-shaped cabin.

Hennessey Deepspace Hyper Electric GT-2 Project

The seating arrangement is also quite unique. The conductor sits in the center as in a McLaren Speedtail. Then there are two seats in the second row, while a “zero gravity VVIP seat” is placed in the rear. Getting in and out shouldn’t be a big deal as deep space comes with the largest gull wing door ever installed on a road car.

Project Deepspace is an all-electric hyper-GT. It uses six electric motors with an estimated power of more than 2500 hp. Hennessey claims it will be the world’s fastest accelerating electric 4-seater from 0 to 200 mph.

Hennessey plans to build 105 units of this downright insane electric hypercar with a $ 3 million tag price tag. Production is scheduled to begin in 2026.

They say, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, there you have it.


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