Hands-on with the new HomeKit devices from CES 2022


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CES 2022 was our first look at some of the new Matter and Thread HomeKit products, and we spend most of our time at the show on them. This is what to expect.


Belkin had some new things to show for CES 2022, as well as a software update for one of its existing products released in 2021.

Wemo smart video door phone

The loudest thing during the show was the new Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. This features a staggering 178-degree field of view, HomeKit Secure Video, and works exclusively with Apple’s smart home platform.

In person, the Wemo Smart Video Door Station appears chunky, but it is also shown mounted to the side of the door with an angled base that adds some depth. Otherwise, the button is large and easy to press with a white backlight to clarify its function.

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

Compared to other HomeKit doorbells, the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell has the widest field of view to date, allowing for much greater coverage of your porch. The company said they wanted you to be able to see everything from someone approaching from afar, your doormat, or someone’s face up close.

Because it works with HomeKit Secure Video, you can set activity zones from the Home app, customize your recording options, and store your recordings in iCloud at full 1080p HD. HomeKit can also take advantage of its Photos app for facial recognition.

Stage scene controller

Wemo Stage scene controller

Wemo Stage scene controller

In 2021, Belkin launched the Wemo Stage scene controller to provide other physical control for HomeKit users. One of its promised features was thread support, but the update didn’t come as soon as expected. Now the long-awaited update is finally rolling out.

Users can go to the Home app, the first accessory to update via the Home app, to update the Stage scene controller. The new update has started rolling out in waves, with all users expected to have it by the end of the month.

Thread, rather than Bluetooth, is much more responsive and will provide a much improved user experience.

New thread devices

Wemo devices getting Thread

Later this year, Belkin will introduce completely new versions of many of its popular Wemo devices. New versions of your smart plug, dimmer, and wall switches will be available to fully support thread and matter.

The existing models from a few years ago do not have the necessary thread radius, so new versions are necessary.


Eve canceled her CES appearance at the last minute due to Covid concerns, so we couldn’t see all of them, but we did get to see one of them. The company announced its outdoor reflector camera and the availability of its smart blinds.

Outdoor camera with Eve reflector

The Eve Outdoor Floodlight Camera is a first in the HomeKit space. It is currently the only reflector camera on the market that works with HomeKit and is compatible with HomeKit Secure Video.

Outdoor Eve Reflector Camera

The new Eve Outdoor Floodlight camera

In total, the Eve Outdoor Floodlight Camera will show up as three accessories in the Home App. You will have an adjustable reflector, a motion sensor and a camera with two-way communication.

It will launch in the first half of 2022 and is priced at $ 249.

Eve Motion blinds

Eve has announced that her wire-connected MotionBlinds are available worldwide. Sold through multiple retailers, Eve MotionBlinds blinds are fully customizable and manufactured to your window specifications.

Eve Motion blinds

Eve Motion blinds

We got a chance to demo so early, and they are an amazing new addition to the smart home. For more information or to order your own, see our full review.

T-Link has continued to reject HomeKit with its Kasa lineBut now it seems to be embracing Apple’s platform with its Tapo line. The Tapo line, which will expand from Europe, will include several HomeKit-enabled products.

At CES, we saw the TP-Link Tapo E200 smart thermostat. This thermostat supports remote sensing, allowing you to heat the room you are in to help save energy. It also has “Hello mode” that identifies when you are home to turn on the heating or air conditioning only when needed.

Thermostat tap

Thermostat Tapo TP-Link

The device looks great, with a mirror-like finish on the left side and a matte white sensor on the right. Since the mirror’s surface is reflective, it helps to adopt the look of whatever room you place it in. The screen is hidden behind this mirror so it appears when you need it.

TP-Link also announced other HomeKit products, such as a smart plug and a smart surge protector.


The ThinCast Smart Two is a unique connected mirror that hides a touchscreen tablet behind its reflective surface. There is a floor-standing model and a wall-mounted dressing table model. Both models can be connected to an AC power source or run on an optional battery pack.

Smart ThinCast Two

ThisCast smart two

What makes this HomeKit AirPlay 2 compatible. It can mirror your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the screen, and it can also stream audio. While you get ready in the morning, you can play your favorite playlist or catch up on a TV show.

It is displayed in the Home app and can be included in various HomeKit scenes and automations like other AirPlay speakers.

Smart ThinCast Two AirPlay

Smart ThinCast Two AirPlay 2


Nanoleaf has announced a new software update for its elements, shapes and lines that will allow them to act as thread edge routers for HomeKit devices. These will be the first third party accessories with such functionality.

Nanoleaf Edge Router

Nanoleaf wants to be a thread edge router

A thread edge router is needed to connect your thread-enabled devices to your network. They can be from any manufacturer, including Nanoleaf, Eve, and Belkin.


The new Roborock vacuum cleaner

The new Roborock vacuum cleaner

Roborock introduced what might be the most advanced robotic vacuum we’ve seen to date. The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a vacuum cleaner and mop combination. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to determine when you are on a hard floor instead of a carpet or carpet. When it gets close to the carpet, it will lift the mop to prevent it from getting wet.

When you return to your base station, it will automatically empty the dust collector and remove dirty water. A scrub brush will clean the mop at the bottom of the vacuum before refilling the water tank with fresh H2O.

Roborock can mop, but avoid wetting the carpet

Roborock can mop, but avoid wetting the carpet

Although HomeKit does not natively support vacuum cleaners, Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra supports Siri shortcuts. You can ask Siri to vacuum the living room and you can include it in any scene you create.

New HomeKit support

Aura Air has HomeKit

Aura Air has HomeKit

Aura Air announced at CES that its device of the same name received a new firmware update to support HomeKit. This update has been expected for some time, and we are delighted that it has arrived.

Mila previously promised HomeKit support and has updated AppleInsider about your progress. The company says work on HomeKit is nearing completion and they are awaiting final certification. HomeKit will come to your existing air purifier via a wireless firmware update.

More to come

These products only represent a drop in the ocean of what will inevitably launch this year. Some companies advertised products but didn’t have them available to show off at CES.

Twinkly announced Dot, a new USB-powered multi-color LED strip that can be controlled via HomeKit. Sengled also has new motion, water and contact sensors that will work through HomeKit. Aqara has two new thread sensors in the second half of 2022.

This year is also when the subject standard is expected to be published. Many manufacturers have committed to supporting the standard, including philips tone, Belkin, Eero, Nanoleaf, Eva, and more.

At CES 2022, we saw our first demo of Nordic Semiconductor’s Matter. He demonstrated his Thread-connected weather station along with a smart bulb, Eve Energy, and a Yale lock.

The demo showed that users could control everything through Matter using a Google Nest Hub. It was a welcome change to see that HomeKit-specific Eve Energy was controlled via a Google smart speaker.

Matter is a game changer in home automation, opening up opportunities for more products and better control than what users have seen so far from any platform. We expect to see a lot more smart home content in 2022.


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