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HALLOWEEN KILLS EVENT! JoBlo takes on Michael Myers in Haddonfield!

Halloween kills it’s only a few days away. David Gordon Green brings Michael Myers back for a second round for an incredibly brutal and exciting ride. Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are back to face the horrors that the iconic crazy movie brings. As a fan of this franchise, and especially what DGG has done with it, it’s exciting to get the chance to see Laurie Strode, as well as some other familiar faces with the latest sequel. And Universal and Blumhouse are doing their best with this one. So much so that I had the interesting opportunity to visit “Haddonfield” myself.

Just a few days ago, I was invited to experiment Halloween kills in a very entertaining and somewhat scary way. Once we arrived we were told that our mission was to destroy the evil of “Haddonfield” once and for all. Michael was on the loose and he wasn’t playing games. That night a small group of us went after him. While we were armed with phones and cameras, not sure that would be useful in an actual encounter, we took a trip to the Universal Studios backlot to find out what was about to happen. And thankfully, a videographer was on hand to capture all the scares and fun on video you can see above. Did he look like he was scared? Hell yeah, me what. But as a fan of all things Halloween, it was pure joy of horror to walk through the darkness as Michael Myers stalked his prey. But that night, HE was the one being hunted.

halloween kills universal studios backlot

Of course, this Friday we are all entitled to a good scare. Be sure to check Halloween kills in theaters or at Peacock! If you love these movies, a gift awaits you.



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