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GMC advances 2022 Sierra 1500s before October. 21 debut

The new Sierra 1500 promises to be the most luxurious truck in its class.


If you’re a fan of very fancy pickup trucks, then you’re probably getting a little excited about the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500, which we’ve been waiting for a while. Well, thanks to an Instagram teaser posted on Thursday by GMC, we now know that the wait isn’t going to take much longer.

The Sierra 2022 is scheduled to debut on Thursday, October. 21 at 5 p.m. PST, and we’ll cover that, but the teaser gives us a bit more information first. Specifically, we’re looking at the lighting on the new Sierra, and it looks great, with vertical LEDs on the front and rear.

Other than that, we can hear what a V8 sounds like, which seems pretty obvious since, you know, this is a full-size pickup from an American auto company. If we were to wildly speculate, we’d assume it’s some of the tried and true 6.2-liter pushrod engine we know and love.

GMC will take reservations for what it calls the most luxurious truck in its class, although we don’t have all the details yet, so we don’t know if there will be a deposit, etc. We know that GMC plans for the truck to hit the market sometime in the spring of 2022.

Stay tuned for Roadshow next week for all the details on the 2022 Sierra 1500.

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