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Monday, November 29, 2021

Gemma Chan Speaks Out in Grinch Green at Annabel’s x Swarovski Christmas Facade Opening Party in London

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Christmas parties every night now. Last night in London, Gemma Chan was at the Annabel’s x Swarovski Holiday façade opening party. Gemma has a festive color, with a hint of green. This is not your standard holiday green. It’s Grinch green and the Grinch is a Christmas character, so we’re definitely on topic here.

But this is not an easy green. I mean, it’s for Gemma because, well, it’s Gemma. But in combination with this material and the cut of this dress, there is a high degree of difficulty here. Check out the ’80s prom vibes with this look, right? And again, the green Grinch piles up and shines like this, not everyone can pull it off.

However, Gemma, as you can see, goes all the way. Not only with clothing and accessories, but also with makeup. The dress is already so daring in color and style and then amplifies it with eye makeup, dramatic and also silver-green and bright hues, and it’s usually a neutral lip when the eye is so bold but still popped up a bit. color on the lips. It’s not my favorite combination personally, but I appreciate that she and her style team are trying things out, keeping them interesting. It has been weeks and weeks of fashion and makeup and looks for Gemma with the launch of Eternal. When you get dressed and do your hair every day, it’s fun and cool to step out of bounds from time to time. Better this than boring and safe.

So … look at the bag, it’s a bottle.

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