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(G) I-DLE’s ‘Miyeon’ And ‘The Penthouse’ Star ‘Lee Tae Vin’ Team Up For New Drama

Take part in a new web drama

Here’s some good news for Gi-dle fans. Famous stars Miyeon and Lee Tae Vin will be seen together in an exciting new drama. This new series will be of the dramatic genre.

Gidle is a South Korean girl group that formed in 2018. It has six members and is managed by cube Entertainment. One of the pop stars, Miyeon, who recently made her acting debut with her web drama ‘Replay’, will also be starring in the upcoming web series.

Miyeon took on the role in ‘Replay’ as a way to help small entertainment companies, which had lost business due to COVID-19.

He will star alongside famous actor Lee Tae Vin, who has also starred in shows like The Penthouse and War in Life.

credit: Lee Tae Vin | iInstagram

The new web series

The name of the new drama will be ‘Delivery’. The next series will be based on the action-drama genre. The lead will be played by Miyeon. She will play a delivery girl who is well versed in martial arts, her character is called Kwak Doo Shik. Kwak Doo Shik takes the help of his manager and goes on an adventure to find his mother. During their search, they come across aliens who have invaded Earth.

credit: Miyeon | Instagram

The show will be produced by the KGC brand. The brand promotes the revitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Gyeonggi province of Korea.

Famous actor Lee Tae Vin, who played an evil role on his previous show, will be transforming his image this time. He will play the role of Do ki Hwan, who will protect the earth in this new series.

Filming for ‘Delivery’ will begin in September and will air on YouTube and IPTV in October.



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