FKA Twigs’ Caprisongs mixtape is inspired by isolation


On January 14, the British singer-songwriter fka twigs released his highly anticipated new mixtape, capri songs. Ahead of the 17-track project’s release, Twigs shared a series of tweets detailing the creation process and inspirations, speaking about the months leading up to capri songsIt’s the big day.

“In the first confinement I called my team insinuating that maybe I had reached the end of the road making music and exploiting myself inside as I have in recent years, it felt good to play with the idea of ​​not creating for the world,” he wrote. singer. “I listened to podcasts and FaceTimed a lot with my friends, isolating myself, playing my friends on speakerphone and walking around my house listening to them talk about this and that.”

Twigs went on to explain the effects the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns had on her: “As our lives got smaller and there was less to talk about, I found the search for connection and even the simplest of conversations incredibly comforting. When I was out, I found myself listening to other people talk and imagining what it would be like to hang out with those weird chatterboxes. I loved capturing sound bytes from the world around me and filling in the blanks, my imagination fired up. I started recording my friends talking and lo woven through the mixtape as a narrative of my healing. Having such wonderful people around me to laugh at. It made me feel lucky.”

The singer then shared a poignant note for listeners who may have also been struggling during that time and those who continue. “If you feel lonely or feel isolated or without the support of your immediate circle, you can borrow my friends on the mixtape,” Twigs wrote. He added: “I’ve fallen in love all over again with music, danger, trying new things, sex, love, raves. capri songs It’s my journey back to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends.”


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