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Five teams are reportedly ‘still in’ Jack Eichel

It seemed as if there was some impulse towards a Acorn jack the trade a week ago, but things have gotten quiet once again in one of the NHL’s biggest stories. With the season underway, there is no shortage of headlines and narratives to grab the attention of hockey fans across the league, but each of them continues to keep an eye on the Buffalo Sabers and their disgruntled star. Thursday, Emily Kaplan on ESPN’s PointHe explained the current situation regarding Eichel:

“Where we are now is that there are still five teams at Jack Eichel, and those are teams that believe they can adjust their $ 10 million salary in their salary cap situation. Maybe that means moving some contracts or whatever. All of those. The teams, however, have agreed that Jack Eichel will have the disc replacement surgery he desires. “

If there is a trade in the near future, Eichel still faces major neck surgery that will keep him out of the NHL for several months. That makes it extremely difficult for any contender to acquire the former Sabers captain, but it’s easier to swallow if it’s early enough that he can return by the end of the season. The only thing to consider when it comes to salary cap situations is that Eichel’s contract may be moved to long-term injured reserve, but if he returns before the playoffs, the team would need to have the corresponding space to activate it.

There is also the Buffalo cap factor, which will need the money to come back the other way to stay above the lower limit. Sending money backwards seems likely for any team acquiring a $ 10 million cap in the long run, but it still complicates matters.

Interestingly, in these cases, a quiet period often appears as the conversations become more serious and the teams involved do not want any leaked information to spoil the negotiation. It’s unclear if that’s the case for Eichel, but with five teams still interested and willing to give the green light to their preferred surgery, it looks like a resolution of some sort is still possible in the near future.



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