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Fan efforts paid off: Netflix picked up “Manifesto” for season four after NBC cancellation


Sudden cancellation and the lease of a new life.

“Manifest”, created by Jeff Rake, is an American supernatural drama series. The series premiered on September 24, 2018 on NBC. These are the passengers and crew members who were traveling Montego Air Flight 828. And after being presumed dead for five years, the passengers and crew reappear. Netflix added the series in June 2021.

In June 2021, after having 3 successful seasons, NBC canceled the series. Despite still being a top 10 show on Netflix, NBC still canceled it. The series was reportedly canceled because Warner Bros Televisions was having complications keeping the cast and crew on board. Some suggested that the cancellation decision was made solely on the basis of NBC’s figures.

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Netflix saves the day

Recently, Netflix announced that “Manifest” was renewed for a fourth and final season. The news got fans excited as they were constantly praying and looking forward to a new season of the series. News of the renewal was announced Saturday morning at 8:28 a.m., a nod to the show’s flight 828. The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, took it to Twitter and announced that the new season will have 20 episodes.

It was confirmed that “Manifest” was able to get 1 billion views for six weeks in a row. And he was able to break his own broadcast ratings record. Josh Dallas, who plays the role of Ben Stone on the series, thanked fans of the series on twitter.

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Passengers of flight 828 will return

News about the show’s renewal was announced on Saturday, so it’s safe to assume that the next season will premiere around spring 2022. Production is expected to begin in the fall. Questions fans had when season 3 ended will be answered in season 4.

The season 3 finale was left open. With one of the main characters dying and the pilot of the flight suddenly reappearing inside the plane left fans of the series in shock. And due to the overwhelming ending, fans are looking forward to the upcoming season. And it looks like they will have to wait another year for their questions to be answered.



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