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Ever wonder what animal Arthur and his friends are? Read more!

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If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, you probably have background memories of the PBS animated series, Arthur. You can also have children or grandchildren who watch the program today – after The Simpsons, is the longest animated tv show In the USA

Based on popular series Of children’s books created by author and illustrator Marc Brown, the show follows the daily adventures of a nine-year-old anthropomorphic animal, Arthur Read, and his many animal friends at Lakewood Elementary School. But if you are not sure what type of animal each character is, you are not alone; it is not always obvious at first glance. To help you understand it, here is a summary of some of the most popular animals in Arthur and a brief description of their personalities.

Binky barnes


Binky Barnes is a bulldog, which makes sense given his tough exterior and tendency to act like a bully (especially in the show’s early seasons). When first introduced to him, he is one of Arthur’s nemesis, however the two eventually become friends over the course of the series. Despite Binky’s often intimidating and abrasive nature, he has a soft side under everything, though he tends to keep that part of himself hidden from most of his peers. When you’re around Arthur and other close friends you trust, you let your guard down and allow them to see your kinder side.

Nigel Ratburn

Mr. Ratburn from the TV show

As his last name suggests, Nigel Ratburn (known to Arthur and the gang as Mr. Ratburn) is a rat. He teaches at Arthur’s school, Lakewood Elementary, and is known for being quite strict. Many students consider him the toughest teacher in the entire school because he assigns large amounts of homework to the children in his class. Despite this fact, he is a kind and helpful teacher who cares deeply for his students. He always cares about your best interests and clearly wants to see them succeed.

Prunella Deegan


Prunella Deegan, tall, slender and with a curly head of brown hair, is a poodle. He has a reputation for being somewhat of a snob, in part because he loves to flaunt that he’s older than Arthur and the rest of the gang. Prunella is a dedicated student who loves to read and is already worried about where she will go to college, even though she is still in elementary school. He loves the paranormal and loves to make predictions about the future, although they are rarely accurate. Prunella has a teenage sister, Rubella, and is best friends with Marina Datillo and Muffy Crosswire.

Timmy and Tommy Tibble

Timmy and Tommy Tibble are characters from the TV show Arthur

Known collectively as the Tibbles or the Tibble twins, Timmy and Tommy are twin bear cubs. They are preschoolers in the same class as Dora Winifred (known as DW), Arthur’s younger sister. Always side by side, Tibble twins are mischievous, they like to cause trouble and often lie or manipulate their preschoolers to get what they want. While they dress identically, Timmy always wears a blue scarf and Tommy always wears a red scarf so they can be distinguished.

Sue ellen armstrong

Sue Ellen Armstrong is a cat on the Arthur show

Sue Ellen Armstrong, who joined Mr. Ratburn’s class in third grade after moving to Elwood City with her family, is a cat. Her father (also a cat) is a diplomat, so she is a kitten who has traveled a lot and has lived in different parts of the world, including Egypt and Nicaragua. Sue Ellen makes friends easily, is loved by her classmates at school, and is a member of the Lakewood Elementary School football team. Although he has no siblings, he keeps in touch with his best friend, a panda named Tenzin Wangdu, who lives in Tibet.

Fern walters

Fern Walters is a dog on the Arthur show

Fern Walters is a dog (breed unknown). When we first meet her, she is extremely quiet and shy, although she does begin to open up over the course of the series and eventually becomes a little less introverted. Despite her wallflower nature, she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes to be correct and sometimes gets into fights with other students as a result of her stubbornness. Fern is a talented singer, plays the flute in the school band and loves to tell stories of mystery and horror. He also likes to draw and often uses pictures to express himself.

George Lundgren

George Lundgren is a deer on the show Arthur

With large horns that sometimes get in the way of daily activities, George Lundgren is a moose whose family is from Sweden. He was a supporting supporting character on the show until the ninth season, when he began interacting more with the other children at Lakewood Elementary and became a main character. Like Fern, George is quiet and shy, spending much of his time playing with Wally, his ventriloquist dummy. His large antlers have earned him several nicknames from his peers, including “Hammer”, “Big Horns” and “Headgear”.

Alan Powers, aka Brain

Alan Powers AKA Brain is one of the characters from the beloved television show.

Known as “The Brain” and in later seasons simply “Brain”, Alan Powers is a bear. So he’s Arthur’s best friend. As his nickname suggests, he is very smart and almost always gets A and A-plus on his assignments. Courteous and well-mannered, he gets along well with his peers and is a member of several school sports teams, including soccer, baseball, and track and field. He is also a member of the Computer Club and plays piano and cello in the school band.

Francine frensky

Francine Frensky is an anthropomorphic monkey on the Arthur show.

Francine Frensky is a monkey. Energetic and athletic, she excels in sports, particularly soccer, baseball, kickball, and bowling. In previous seasons of the show, Francine had a short temper and was often rude to her friends and classmates. He grows softer and more friendly over the course of the series, although his outgoing and strong-willed personality remains intact. His character is modeled after the sister of Marc Brown, the creator, illustrator and original author of the Arthur series of books on which the program is based.

Muffy crosswire

Muffy Crosswire is a character from Arthur

Like Francine, Alice Crosswire (who calls herself “Muffy”) is a monkey. As one of the richest girls in Elmwood City, she is a spoiled child and often thinks that money can solve any problem. He lives in a huge mansion and has all the material items he could wish for, including an endless supply of toys and his own clubhouse. While he can sometimes act snobbish and condescending towards his peers, Muffy has a good heart underneath it all and plenty of friends to prove it. Her best friend is fellow monkey Francine, and she is also bonded with Arthur and DW. She is also very close to her family’s butler, Bailey.

Buster baxter

Buster Baxter sitting against a tree, holding a flower

Another of Arthur’s best friends, Buster Baxter is a rabbit. She has a laid-back and easygoing personality that sometimes prevents her from completing household chores or finishing her homework on time. He loves food and will eat almost anything, including items that have expired or have been dropped on the floor. An avid believer in aliens, he claims to have seen UFOs and almost always believes that aliens are the cause of unexplained events. Buster was the subject of the PBS spinoff series, Buster Postcards, which aired from 2004 to 2008.

DW reading

DW Read looking stubborn

DW Read is an anteater. She is also Arthur’s younger sister (and the older sister of his other brother, Kate). As a preschooler, she’s not the nicest or most level-headed character on the show. She often gets on Arthur’s nerves, although it’s clear that her older brother still loves her despite everything, and also likes to cause trouble with family and friends. It is obvious that DW is younger than Arthur and his friends, as he often does not know the meaning of complex words and has the mistaken belief that teachers live in schools and babies come from a baby store.

Arthur Read

Arthur from the self-proclaimed TV show

Lastly, there is Arthur the anteater. As the main character of the series, he is caring and has many friends, including best friends Buster and Brain. He plays the piano in the school band (though he often puts off practice), is the forward and goalkeeper for the Lakewood Elementary School football team, and plays on the school’s baseball and track teams. He also loves to read and spend time in the library and can be recognized immediately thanks to his trademark pair of large, thick glasses. As mentioned above, he is often irritated by his younger sister DW, who constantly causes him problems. Despite that fact, he goes out of his way to be a good older brother by trying to ignore her bratty preschool behavior and help her out when she needs it (or when her parents ask him to).

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