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The worldwide fascination for the Royal Family makes them one of Britain’s biggest tourist attractions, contributing hundreds of millions of pounds to the economy each year.

The same appeal means that buyers, particularly foreign investors, are willing to pay a real premium for properties close to royal residences. In some places, a real zip code can increase a home’s value by more than half.

The average price for the postcodes closest to Clarence House, the London residence of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, is just under £ 2.4 million.

This proximity to actual neighbors adds a 63 per cent premium compared to the median asking price of nearly £ 1.5 million in the borough of Westminster, where Clarence House is located.

Palaces they tend to be in pleasant areas. Even the presence of a palace has caused it to develop, over the years, like a beautiful lace. Even possibly, people choose pleasant areas to build palaces.

Houses in nice places are worth more. Surprise!

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