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Monday, November 29, 2021

Elizabeth Warren and Stephanie Ruhle point to the * real * drivers of inflation: greedy corporations – twitchy.com

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Continuing with yesterday mail Where Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for a Justice Department investigation into turkey prices, she now says the reason * all * groceries are getting more expensive is because “greedy corporations are charging Americans more just to keep their stock prices high “:

Remember back in July when inflation wasn’t even a problem for this administration? Good times, good times:

He also left out what the article said in the FIRST PARAGRAPH:

Here’s a thought. . .

Question: Why didn’t these companies do this before?

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle added that just because “input costs go up … that does NOT mean a company should increase prices for customers”:

White House Chief of Staff Ron Kalin retweeted that shot:

He added that DollarTree “is raising prices because they CAN’T because they don’t need it” and it is up to them how to “share the benefits of their scale”:

Again, why are they doing this now? We may never know!



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