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Dua Lipa’s crocheted skull costume turns heads, but her shoes are stealing the show


Some outfits are good; others are great. And some, like By Dua Lipa recent suit from Lago di Como, they are amazing.

The British pop star’s look included (more than) some of my favorite things. From kitschy crochet to cute Halloween vibe, I’m here for that. We are all here for it.

Oh, and did I mention that super subtle anime reference?

Halloween meets high fashion in the 1970s

Dua Lipa’s matching crop top and mini skirt set came from the GCDS Spring 2022 Collectionbut it couldn’t be more perfect for mid-October.

However, this set does not only for lovers of the spooky season. A closer look reveals the woven skull and crossbones as a nod to the One piece logo.

This is not the first time the singer has mentioned her love for anime. in a Wired Interview 2020she cited Ponyo like your favorite series. “It’s the cutest,” he said. “I’m obsessed with it.”

So it’s no wonder that Dua Lipa likes GCDS too. the Italian streetwear line blends pop culture and haute couture in eye-catching, eye-catching ways. Take, for example, these Lime Green Knee High Jurassic Park Boots.

Finally, for a flirty touch, the barely visible skirt features a floor-length black stripe. It’s an outfit you could see Cher wearing in 1973, regardless of whether she knows what One piece it is.

The cherry on top

The anime inspired matching game is great on its own. But in true Dua Lipa style, the singer took the look one step further. This time, it was with a towering pair of platform heels.

Excuse me no only soaring platform heels. These Mary Janes are also filled with blue, yellow and green glitter. White patent leather go-go (why not?) Break the shine.

Dua Lipa is already quite tall. She is 5’8 ”, inches above average. But with these ravishing heels, she easily rises above six feet. Please add “defying gravity and sore feet” to your resume, please and thank you.

“I would break down and fall for these bad guys,” commented one IG user. Same girl.

Between the shoes and the One piece nod, internet is gone wild about this outfit. But for Dua Lipa, this is just another walk in the park (or, you know, Italian resort).

Dua Lipa has a long history as a fashion icon. And her recent immersion in all things retro, kawaii, and high fashion is sure to keep amazing outfits coming up.



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