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Did Chevy accidentally show off two new colors for the 2023 Corvette at the Los Angeles Auto Show?

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If you look closely at this image below the paint swatches that were on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show, you might notice that 14 different colors are displayed even though the Corvette Assembly Plant only has the current ability to paint 12 colors per model year for the Chevrolet Corvette.

The two additional paint swatches appear to be non-production colors, leading Corvette enthusiasts to believe that Chevy may have inadvertently leaked two new colors for the model. Corvette 2023.

Corvette exterior display

the painting showcase photo was posted on the Corvette Forum by “Pohlmit” and the close-up photos of the new paint samples appear to show a pearl white and metallic black with carbon highlights.

A full Carbon Flash exterior only appeared on modern Corvettes during the 2012 model year for the Centennial Edition, which celebrated 100 years of Chevrolet. Pearl white (pearl metallic?) Has long been on Corvette enthusiasts’ wish lists, especially after the assembly plant paint shop was updated in 2017 and now has the ability to make a tricolor paint.

Carbon Flash C8 Corvette example

So, let’s go back to the screen and this is where things get really interesting. A Corvette Forum member named “MilesC8” shared these two photos of the new colors and says he was there when reps arrived and took the two non-production colors:

I was on display today and as I was looking at the display of paint colors, it was removed. I heard the guys say they weren’t supposed to turn it off. I guess the 2 new colors were not yet known. It looks like they are a pearl white and a flash of charcoal.

Pearl White Corvette C8 exterior

Having seen these official exterior displays, we have to think that Chevrolet will likely swap the standard black and arctic white for these two new colors for the 2023 model year. Since the 2023 model year is the Corvette’s 70th anniversary, it could be that Chevy is working on a 70th anniversary model that pays homage to the original Corvette with a new modern white metallic exterior combined with the adrenaline red dipped interior.

What do you think about adding a pearl white or shiny carbon metal to the 2023 exterior colors? Let us know in the comments below.


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