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Denise Richards ‘is not thrilled’ She was mentioned in ‘RHOBH’

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Not happy. Denise Richards‘Get out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after season 10 it was pretty dramatic on its own, and many of her former co-stars still can’t stop mentioning her.

“Denise is not thrilled to have her name mentioned during the reunion or even this season,” says an exclusive source. Us weekly del Bravo 50 years alumna, who left the series before season 11 began in May. “She thinks the producers sparked the conversation between Garcelle [Beauvais] other [Lisa] Rinna just to give them something full of drama to talk about. “

The source adds: “He once joked: ‘Do I get paid every time my name comes up?’ and she meant it. She thinks they should pay her if they are going to mention her. “

the Bold and beautiful the student has passed her term in RHOBHBut according to the source, Richards feels it is “disgusting” that she is still being talked about “just to prolong the plot.”

During the first part of the season 11 reunion, which aired on Wednesday, October 13, 58-year-old Lisa Rinna Beauty founder accused Beauvais, 54, of constantly mentioning and defending Bravo’s former personality. in the middle of last season’s drama.

the true The co-host, meanwhile, noted that she has finished talking about Richards’ issues with Rinna and is ready to put the drama in the past. Beauvais, who is the first black star of RHOBHShe later alleged during the meeting that Rinna made racially charged comments about her, which the former soap opera star denied. However, Beauvais revealed that he no longer trusts his co-star.

The Illinois native, who is currently married to Aaron Phypers – previously confirmed his departure from the show after two seasons amid allegations that he had an affair with his partner. RHOBH alum Brandi glanville, which he has since denied. (The 48 year old Drink and tweet the author, for her part, has maintained that the incident did occur).

“I had a great first season,” Richards said in The real in September 2020 after his departure from the reality show. “The second season was challenging. I thought it was the right time to go and continue to focus on the other projects that I have. I had a great time. I will always be a fan and continue to support the show. “

While she was ready to leave the popular franchise, the actress noted at the time that she had not ruled out a return of the series in the future. However, the source says U.S that Richards isn’t “even thinking” about going back right now.

“He has other projects in the works,” reveals the source. “She doesn’t have time for that, much less doesn’t want to get involved in the drama and stress it causes. He has enough of that in his life. “

Previously, Beauvais claimed that she and the Starship troopers The actress would only return to the Bravo franchise with each other.

“She says, ‘If you don’t come back, I won’t come back,'” Jamie Foxx Show alum told SiriusXM EW live in August 2020 about the duo’s pact. “And I say, ‘And if you don’t come back, I won’t come back.’

The Haitian native later alleged that Richards “wants to return” to the program on one condition. “Someone has to go,” Beauvais revealed in Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in June. “Just say.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 8 pm ET.

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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