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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Dawn in danger when she does a play for Meena’s new man?

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Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Meena’s next victim could be Dawn when she tries to get back to Billy, who is now dating the killer nurse.

Club other DawnThe breakup only happened because the tormented single mother didn’t want to be dragged into the mess of Malone’s murder.

Since then, Billy has gone ahead and taken Meena on some dates.

But when he finds Dawn in pieces this week for her guilty secret, the spark between them is reignited.

Is Dawn heading to an untimely grave by stealing Meena’s boy?

Emmerdale spoilers: Billy and Dawn

Dawn is eaten alive because of her by Malone. (Credit: ITV)

Billy is one of the small group of people who knows the truth about Malone’s disappearance.

He has kept Dawn’s secret for months and worries when he finds her distraught.

She is struggling with her guilt and fear of what happened, and it is Billy who tries to reassure her.

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Rather than simply comfort Dawn, Billy delivers a passionate speech about her, which leaves her speechless.

In the intense emotional moment, Dawn leans in to kiss Billy.

However, she takes him by surprise and walks away, leading Dawn to believe that she has made a terrible mistake.

But later, it’s obvious that Billy still loves Dawn and wants her back.

Meena rejected?

Billy wants to be sure that Dawn won’t break his heart. (Credit: ITV)

As Billy worries about Dawn, Meena knows that something is not right between them.

But he covers that it is Ellis who is worrying him, leaving Dawn on the sidelines.

However, when he finally catches up with Dawn, Billy tells her that he wants them to be together too.

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After everything that’s happened, Billy needs Dawn to reassure him that they can move on together and that she loves him too.

Dawn is surprised by his passionate statement, but Billy wants an answer.

His decision is life or death, and Dawn has no idea.

Will she risk the wrath of the serial killer Meena and get Billy back?

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