Cork startup Clearword raises $ 3.25 million in seed funding


The software company is working on a new platform that marks the time, transcribes and organizes meetings online.

Cork-based startup Clearword has raised $ 3.25 million in an initial round to develop its software focused on remote working and online meetings.

The funding round was led by Connect Ventures and included Act Venture Capital, Hello World, Unpopular Ventures, technologist Dave Concannon, Oyster CEO Tony Jamous, and TrueLayer CEO Luca Martinetti.

Clearword said the funds will be used to help develop its software platform that automatically times and transcribes meetings. The startup added that it has been “very selective” in choosing its investors and has sought out those who are “100% invested in our vision” and “driven by the product.”

“Finding the perfect mix of truly caring institutional investors and angel investors is always difficult for any startup. Having carefully selected what we consider to be a complementary value-added set of investors, we are delighted to embark on this journey with them to build the platform for their meetings. ”The company added in a statement today (Jan 13).

Clearword said it has focused on remote work and meetings, describing the modern online meeting experience as “disjointed and frustrating,” pointing to problems trying to remember meeting topics or catch up on missed meetings.

“With that in mind, we decided to build Clearword with the lofty goal of unifying the meeting experience at every stage of the meeting lifecycle – before, during, and after the meeting.”

The start-up platform aims to plan, schedule and prepare meetings for companies, particularly those that have remote or hybrid work staff. Meetings are also placed in a searchable library.

The company also launched a remote work podcast that looks at topics such as productivity tools, leadership techniques, and general approaches to remote work.

Clearword was founded last year by David Coallier and Daire Irwin, who previously worked together on analytics startup Barricade before it was acquired by security giant Sophos.

A. recent survey by the Institute of Directors stated that 37% of business leaders do not believe that their staff will return to the workplace until the second quarter of 2022.

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