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Chevy Bolt recall repair will cost $ 2 billion

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GM wants Chevy Bolt battery maker LG Electronics to reimburse it $ 1.9 billion.

– A Chevy Bolt recall fix will cost General Motors about $ 2 billion, but a deal with battery maker LG Electronics will see the automaker recoup about $ 1.9 billion.

The Chevrolet Bolt recall includes all 2017-2022 Chevrolet Bolt EVs and Bolt EUV 2022s to replace battery modules to prevent battery fires.

GM believes that at least 13 fires and three injuries have been caused by two defects within the batteries.

According to General Motors, the risk of fire is “rare” because a single battery cell in the module must have a broken anode tab and also a bent spacer. Without both conditions, the batteries presumably will not catch fire.

Replacement Bolt EV and Bolt EUV batteries will be covered by an 8-year / 100,000-mile warranties (8-year / 160,000 km warranty in Canada).

Included in the bolt removal solution is a new software package to be installed by dealers that will supposedly monitor the batteries for any problems. Chevrolet Bolt owners will be able to charge the batteries to 100% capacity.

Until your bolt has the new battery and software update, do not charge your vehicle overnight indoors and do not park near anything that could burn. All Chevy Bolt owners are advised to monitor their car while it is charged, and GM says not to drain the battery below 70 miles or 113 kilometers.

If you own a 2017-2018 Chevy Bolt, set the car to 90% state of charge limitation using Hilltop Reserve mode, and a 2019-2022 Bolt owner should use Target Charge Level mode.

Chevrolet Bolt owners will be notified of replacement batteries based on certain production periods when GM believes that battery defects appear to be clustered.

“LG is a valued and respected supplier to GM and we are pleased to enter into this agreement. Our engineering and manufacturing teams continue to collaborate to accelerate the production of new battery modules, and we look forward to starting repairing customer vehicles this month. ” General motors

GM says it will add an estimated recovery to its third-quarter earnings that will offset $ 1.9 billion of the $ 2 billion in charges due to bolt removals.

CarComplaints.com will update our website with future bolt repair updates. For now, feel free to read about lawsuits and other actions related to the Chevy Bolt recalls.

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