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Cell therapy startup Immusoft reaches a deal with Takeda for a potential value of more than $ 900 million

Sean Ainsworth, CEO of Immusoft. (Photo by Immusoft)

Seattle-based cell therapy startup Immusoft will collaborate with pharmaceutical giant Takeda to develop treatments targeting the central nervous system in a deal with a potential value of more than $ 900 million.

Immusoft’s technology involves engineering a patient’s B cells to mass-produce therapeutic proteins. These immune cells are good at pumping out large amounts of protein, such as an enzyme that is missing in a particular condition.

“This advances our leadership position in B cells as bio-factories for the delivery of therapeutic proteins,” said Immusoft CEO. Sean Ainsworth on a declaration.

The new association will focus on the delivery of therapeutic proteins across the blood-brain barrier to treat rare neurometabolic conditions. Under the agreement, Takeda has options to license programs exclusively at the preclinical stage and will bring the products to the clinic and through commercialization. Immusoft will receive financial support for the investigation and an undisclosed initial payment, with a total value of option fees and milestone payments of potentially more than $ 900 million.

Immusoft’s most advanced therapeutic program aims to treat a rare enzyme deficiency disorder, Hurler syndrome. The company aims to file a new investigational drug application for the condition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before the end of the year, according to your website, a key step towards a clinical trial.

Ainsworth, a veteran biotech executive, has led the company since 2018 when it was replaced. Matthew scholz, who founded the company in 2009 and is now CEO of Biotechnologies Oisín. Ainsworth previously founded the gene therapy company RetroSense Therapeutics, which he sold to Allergan in 2016 in a deal worth up to $ 555 million.

Immusoft closed a $ 33 million Series B round last year, he noted. FierceBiotech.



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