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Celebrity Social Media Roundup for Oct 14, 2021

Today, US Weekly leads with a story about How serious are Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend John Miller, which is a ripe fruit because they have been so private that it is not as if they want to confirm or deny. Your team is not going to take the time to refute or sanction a harmless story that will happen at the end of the day. What I do find interesting about John, who I know nothing about, is that there is often only one image that all the tabloids use for him, as it must be the only one in the public domain. I wonder if it is strange for a civilian to see the same photo of you used over and over.

Chelsea Handler (who used to get a lot more press but doesn’t get it anymore) is in love … with an old friend. She, her collaborator, and BFF Jo Koy announced their relationship on their Instagram last week and this is serious rom-com territory. She talked about it in Jimmy Fallon and it’s a family arc: After years of going out and building an awesome career and having fun, she realized she had a crush on the boy who was by her side the entire time. Do you think it will make it into a TV show or movie?

Jason Segel (not to be confused with Jason Sudeikis) is teaming up with some of the people behind Ted lasso for a new Apple TV + show that focuses on a grieving therapist who breaks up professional boundaries with your patients. I have a strong “feel good” element of the description and I think Segel is a good casting choice because Forgetting Sarah Marshall it’s underrated and does “falling apart but fun” really well. Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent and writer of Ted lasso) is a producer and writer of Contraction And I suppose he will play a patient. (Jason Segel doesn’t have Instagram, but he does appear a lot on DeuxMoi in the most innocuous of ways.)

We will never be free from Meghan Trainor’s his and hers toilets. Never.

Alan Ruck appeared on WTF with Marc Maron and the headlines are about the years he wrestled afterwards. Ferris Bueller day off and this excerpt on THR also has an interesting quote from him about being cast for Star trek and the extra work that can result from that through fan conventions: “You are a whore. You sell photos of yourself for money. It’s great. I did it for a while. I could do it again. ”While I am offended by the whore expression in a negative way, it just goes to show that before the tea influencers and OnlyFans, lesser celebrities found a way to get paid for the photos.



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