Celebrity Social Media Roundup for Nov 24, 2021

Madonna will always see herself as an underdog because for many years she was, and that may never go away. She is working on a new photo book and some people are upset with the second image where Steven Klein points a knife at her. That’s Madonna being a provocateur (though Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minnillo did it first) but what I find appalling is the legend: Did people work on this project for free ???? To “support Madame X”. No, Madame X is a character that Madonna created, a very rich woman. Your projects should always have a budget and people should be paid in real dollars, not in advertising or prestige. An Instagram photo doesn’t pay anyone’s rent.

Jean Smart just started posting on Instagram this week and understands the medium because she has already posted about Harry Styles. Where are the meet and greet photos?

Andrew Garfield’s absolute delight in the Cobra Kai the cast is very cute. That’s why Cameo is such a successful business model – who doesn’t want a video of their favorite TV actor? Even the A-listers love it.

Dua Lipa is launching a lifestyle brand called Service95 (born 1995) that will be a podcast and newsletter. She tells Vogue It is “style, culture and society concierge service” because it likes to compile lists of places where it likes to stay, eat, visit, and so on. Celebrities have long positioned themselves as lifestyle experts because they combine accessibility with good taste. Making recommendations is just one part of the lifestyle. Good taste is important, but so is the nitty-gritty, like creating consistent content, following an editorial calendar, and building a voice and trust in your audience. It takes patience and money to get it right. You’re also in a good position to start building that – not many people launch a company with 75 million followers.

This is something I wanted to write about earlier in the week, but stopped to see if anything else developed: Christina Aguilera was at the Latin Grammys and she was asked about Britney Spears and she made an understanding face and her team pushed her away. He said, “But I’m happy for her.” Britney took to Instagram and He seemed excited that Christina didn’t answer the question.. Christina supported Britney on Twitter in July 2021, so I’m very confused as to why, now that she’s free, Christina avoided the question. Why? I suspect it was a team decision and she didn’t want to get on the red carpet and her team had a plan to shut it down, but shutting it down is much more of a story than her saying, “I’m excited for her and I wish her all the best.” It seems. an easier solution than what happened here.

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