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Call of Duty’s Upcoming Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat Driver Already Leaked

What just happened? Activision generated some controversy when it announced that it was bringing kernel-level anti-cheat, which has raised privacy concerns, to its latest Call of Duty game, as well as Warzone. A recent leak could seriously complicate those plans.

A Twitter account called “Anti-Cheat Police Department”, which tracks news about cheating in online games, revealed today that the driver has filtered out for the “RICOCHET” anti-cheat system coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone. RICOCHET is supposed to launch alongside Vanguard on November 5 and then hit Warzone later.

“P2C developers are already reversing it, this is already very bad,” the tweet reads.

Two screenshots accompany the tweet as evidence. One shows what looks like a forum post claiming to contain a link to an obfuscated controller (above). The second shot shows the details of the driver’s signature, indicating that Activision signed it on September 30 (below). The fight between game developers and cheats is always a game of cat and mouse, but at the very least, this leak could give cheat developers a huge advantage.

Activision introduced RICOCHET yesterday. Kernel-level anti-cheating is controversial because it gains access to a user’s system so deep that it can pose a security risk. However, it is becoming increasingly popular, with games like Valorant, PUBG, and Ark: Survival Evolved using it. Valorant developer Riot Games says it needs a kernel-level anti-cheat system to detect rogue software that uses kernel-level drivers. To assuage privacy concerns, Activision noted that RICOCHET will not always be on at first, but will only activate once you start playing Call of Duty.

In a subsequent tweet, AntiCheatPC is optimistic about the effectiveness of Valorant’s anti-cheat. Your research seems indicate that it’s hard to find working Valorant cheats that the game can’t detect.

“Anyone who plays Valorant could probably attest that @RiotVanguard anti-cheat works,” they write.



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