Bernard Kerik’s January 6 committee hack is just his latest


Rudy Giuliani’s longtime ally Bernie Kerik plans to appear for a statement in front of the select committee on January 6 this week. But it may not answer all the questions that are asked.

Kerik, the former New York City Police Commissioner (he led the NYPD on Sept. 11), will appear before the panel Thursday, where he will be asked about his role in helping fuel Trump’s Big Lie crusade after of the 2020 election. His attorney, Timothy Parlatore, said political monday that the panel’s subpoena appeared to be “visually valid” but suggested that his client still reserves the right to abandon the Congressional investigators.

Parlatore told Politico that the committee structure (none of those chosen by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is on the panel, for … reasons we all know) means that the panel technically cannot make a deposition. She said Vice President Liz Cheney (R-WY) does not count as a rank member because the minority leader did not personally select her to participate.

It’s an argument that many of Trump’s allies have tried to use to justify their failure to comply with the select committee, avoiding formal subpoenas and statements. As Politico noted, most of the witnesses summoned by the committee agreed to participate in transcribed interviews to avoid the legally binding nature of a formal statement. Kerik’s attorney has previously hinted that he would likely participate in a similar informal interview.

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And Kerik has already delivered some documents to the committee, while also giving the panel a detailed description of the documents included in a privilege record – material that you do not intend to deliver.

While Kerik was a key adviser to former President Trump’s legal team who played a role in helping Giuliani discredit the 2020 election, if you’ve been reading TPM for more than a decade, you will recognize Kerik’s name for many other strange reasons. .

Kerik was one of the many, many Trump allies that the former president forgiven during his four-year term. As a former New York City Police Commissioner, Kerik’s time in leadership was riddled with scandals. We publish this “Definitive List of Kerik Scandals” in 2007 after his indictment, but some low lights:

  • In 2009 he confessed to several crimes related to a house renovation of more than $ 200k by a company linked to organized crime, including charges of bribery and lying to the White House and New York regulators about the whole matter. Former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, prosecuted the case against Kerik.
  • He was also indicted on multiple counts of tax fraud at the time, for irregularities related to the renting of his Upper East Side apartment, the writing of his autobiography and the payments made to his babysitter.
  • He was once deported from Saudi Arabia after being hired to provide security at a hospital in the country. He was deported on charges that he helped his hospital employer spy on female employees.
  • He was charged with using a downtown Manhattan apartment that was donated for use by police and Ground Zero rescuers to rest during the recovery effort to have affairs with at least two different women.
  • Kerik actually faced various allegations of wrongdoing involving his various lovers over the years, including the fact that homicide detectives in his unit investigated one of his lover’s lost cell phones and necklace.
  • He allegedly helped run a prison cigarette slush fund.

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