Watch Sir Jackie Stewart Test Drive The 1978 Vintage F1 Car


Stunning Video – Watch Sir Jackie Stewart Test The 1978 Vintage F1 Car This Is Great

Now THIS is something that will literally never happen again. Imagine the world’s top F1 teams each handing over the keys to their new machines to a former three-time world champion to drive and give their impressions. That’s exactly what this 1978 movie is where Sir Jackie Stewart sits down and drives the best bargains from McLaren, Lotus, Brabham and others. He drives each car, gives his opinion on how they all work and what changes have occurred in F1 car driving since his retirement in the early 1970s.

One of the things you have to love here is the sound. Today’s F1 cars are wonders on all levels, but these cars were a bit brutal and you had different engine tones from different manufacturers. The Matra sounds different from the Ferrari, which sounds different from the turbocharged Renault, and the list goes on.

Stewart would continue to have an incredible career as a broadcaster and racing commentator after his retirement from driving and this video illustrates why. He’s relatable, smart, well spoken, and clearly knows how to deliver information to an audience that keeps them interested. Enjoy this incredible unique F1 experience!

Hit play below to see this great video of Jackie Stewart hammering F1 cars!


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