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BangShift.com Bruce Larson Dragfest: Photos from the Drag Racing event which is part Open House, part Car Show and part Bench Racing

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Bruce Larson’s Dragfest: Photos from the Drag Racing event which is part open house, part car show and part bench racing

The official end of the racing season here in Pennsylvania occurs on the second Saturday of every November, which is when former NHRA fun car champion Bruce Larson hosts his annual DragFest at his Stoney Creek barn outside Harrisburg. DragFest is part open house, part casual car show, part bench racing session, and it’s all fun. After skipping last year for obvious reasons, the 2021 edition caught cold, rainy, and humid fall weather, but people were still going strong for one last day of car-related goodness. Former NHRA announcer Bob Frey was in town and MCing a charity raffle and did some interesting interviews. There was a small vendor area where you could pick up some old photos or some collectibles. Outside, parked in every crevice of Larson’s property were Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Street Machines – really nice, quality stuff. And, of course, drag the cars.

Some of the favorites were Ida Automotive’s absolutely killer supercharged 4-door Willys, a recreation of one of Rod Ida’s early race cars. Dragster fans were dazzled by a variety of front-engined cars like Brian Beattie’s crazy remnant from Jim and Allison Lee’s Great Expectations II and some instigated diggers from Flathead. A great collection of muscle cars and hot hods dared the raindrops, and we’re glad they did. Hemi’s, a Boss Mustang, some sweet trucks, 55 Chevys and 32 Fords and much more. Funny Car fans were stunned by the latest edition of the Frantic Ford Mustang and Rapid Roy Harris “Bud Man” Arrow Roller, resplendent in its original paint and bitchin ‘lettering and graphics. Throw in a few recent models and even a Bonneville Lakester, and there was something for everyone.

Bruce Larson Stoney Creek Barn is filled to the brim with his lifelong collection of Drag Racing and Hot Rodding memorabilia. Trophies, prizes, destroyed pieces, old jackets, fire suits, helmets, Bruce did not throw anything. Larson’s store is in the basement of his barn and is open for everyone to walk around. Take a look at your current ’68 Camaro Nitro USA-1 burner, vintage tools and equipment, plus current and used parts that mix with more drag racing artifacts throughout the shop and storage areas. It is an honor to be able to check it freely. I made a little video throughout the day so I’ll share it too …

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