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BAFTA TV Awards Announce 2022 Dates Plus Eligibility Rules and Voting Changes

AFTA Reveals TV Awards Dates Along With Eligibility Rules And Voting Changes

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced the schedule for the 2022 Television and Television Craft Awards. In addition to the calendar, BAFTA also published the eligibility rules, as well as changes to the voting criteria.


BAFTA TV Awards: Timeline

As revealed by BAFTA, the TV Craft Awards will take place on April 24, 2022. That is, this time, the event will be on a Sunday. Additionally, the 2022 TV Awards will take place two weeks after the TV Craft Awards on May 8.

In addition to the dates of the event, the organization also stated that the nominations would be declared on Wednesday, March 30 of next year. However, prior to these, Virgin Media Must-See Moment nominations will be revealed on March 23.

BAFTA Headquarters, London

Changes to Eligibility Rules and Voting Rules:

  • the International The previous category had only four nominees. Now, according to the latest BAFTA changes, it has risen to six nominees.
  • Another major change to the eligibility rules is that UK artists used to participate in shows only eligible for the International category. But now they can participate individually even in the acting categories. (In accordance with previously revised rules and standards in Craft divisions for UK people working on global shows.)
  • BFTA established a new rule that makes production management, line producers, and production managers eligible for their jobs to be officially recognized.
  • Moving on to the voting rule changes, from 2022 onwards, global voters can now vote for all categories. Previously, they could only vote for four divisions.
  • In early 2020, it was necessary to meet at least one of the four entry criteria of the BFI Diversity Standards. As for the next event, the condition is doubled. That is, starting in 2022, participants must meet at least two of the four entry criteria.
  • Last but not least, participants must meet the “albert” certification established by the BAFTA Albert consortium. However, this will not affect eligibility for the awards event.


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