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Avalanche’s Gabriel Landeskog suspended two games

The Department of Player Safety has issued the first suspension of the regular season, prohibiting Gabriel Landeskog from the colorado avalanche for the next two games. Landeskog handed a tough check to the Chicago Blackhawks forward Kirby roof at last night’s game. As the attached video explains:

It is important to note that Landeskog is in control of this work. The roof is on one knee facing the wall and is defenseless in this situation. Gliding through ice with limited ability to evade or prepare for contact. Landeskog has enough time to recognize the situation his opponent is in and instead of avoiding contact or minimizing the force of the blow, he chooses to drive the vulnerable ceiling against the wall with considerable force. It is the combination of Dach’s defenseless position, the player’s dangerous distance from the boards at the moment of contact, and the speed and force of the blow that caused this blow to rise to the level of supplemental discipline.

Notably, Dach was not seriously injured on the play, but Landeskog already has three suspensions on his record. Although you are no longer considered a repeat offender in terms of lost wages, those suspensions are taken into account when deciding the length of the suspension.

The team was already without Nathan MacKinnon last night, who is still on the COVID protocol after a positive test result. Now they can run out of both for Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. Landeskog wants to miss next Tuesday’s game against the Washington Capitals.



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