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Attorney Jay Edelson Suggests Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed


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Maintaining appearances. Lawyer Jay edelson I affirm that Erika jayneThe lavish lifestyle has not changed between her and her estranged husband. Tom girardilegal issues.

“I mean there are reports that he is making up to $ 600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] season, “Edelson said in the”The life of reality with Kate Casey“Podcast on Wednesday October 13th.” And she has her glam gear and, you know, we all have to cry along with her. “

The attorney also commented on the reality star’s current housing situation, saying, “The idea that you’re living in a poor neighborhood in a $ 10,000-a-month place is really offensive. It has a lot of fans, but I doubt that many of them are spending $ 10,000 a month to live. I doubt that many of them have glamor squads. “

the Quite a mess The 50-year-old author made headlines in December 2020 after she and Tom, 82, were accused of embezzling funds intended for the families of plane crash victims in a class action lawsuit by Edelson’s firm. She has since been sued for $ 25 million for her alleged involvement in the bankruptcy case, with court documents claiming that Tom’s former firm, Girardi Keese, covered the expenses of Erika’s glamor, PR team, and more. while they were married.

Erika, who filed for divorce from Tom in November 2020, has maintained that she knew nothing of her estranged spouse’s alleged legal wrongdoing. Edelson, however, pointed out how Housewife’s actions in season 11 of the Bravo series are somewhat suspicious.

“All this [she said of], ‘Oh, I have these houses that I’ve never heard of. Let me google where they are. Everything is so deaf, ”the attorney said on Wednesday’s podcast. “His character, the one he’s playing is this, ‘I have tons of money and I don’t give an F’. That is totally fine. That’s great. Makes a great reality television. But it stops the moment you stole money from widows and orphans. “

Edelson explained that once Erika became aware of the legal scandal surrounding Tom, she should have “changed course” and done something positive for the victims.

“Maybe you want to do something to make sure these people recover. She could do that, ”he added. “She could do a fundraiser in a second and pay the $ 2 million in judgment that these people are owed.”

Edelson further claimed that Erika’s revelations during season 11 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills It has been helpful in her case against her and Tom.

“This season of Real housewivesAs painful as it has been to look at, just because I am looking through the eyes of the victims, it has given us a lot of evidence, ”the attorney said on the podcast. “On television, you can say what you want, under oath, you have to tell the truth.”

Although the case against him is still ongoing, a source told him exclusively U.S earlier this month that Erika is looking for season 12 of RHOBH and he plans to renegotiate his payday based on his public drama.

“The ratings were off the charts because of her story and what she’s exposed,” the source said in October, noting that Erika plans to “demand a high paycheck” if she returns to the show. “What is he dealing with [regarding] Tom and the court are not done yet, so you can only imagine what the next season will bring. “

U.S He contacted Erika’s team regarding Edelson’s comments.

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