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At Comicon, ‘Downton Abbey’ sequel finally gets a title and trailer

Downton Abbey 2 a Downton Abbey: a new era

It’s been over two years since the first trailer for the original Downton Abbey movie appeared at CinemaCon 2019.. At the time of Universal’s slate unveiling in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the film’s sequel will be be introduced. It will present the Focus Features big screen adaptation of the film. There will be a world premiere of Downton Abbey 2.

The name of the movie has now been officially changed from Downton Abbey 2 to Downton Abbey: A New Era. The movie is scheduled to be scheduled by March 18, 2022.

In the teaser footage, you can to be seen the Crawley family and the servants of Downton are preparing for a trip abroad. The teaser footage has been released today. In the Intones Jim Carter teaser, Mr Carson, played by Jim Carter. listening saying some lines. gave us more information about the movie. The dialogue read: “The British are coming.”

The trailer had a lot of glamor, glitz and jazz. Besides that, there is a wedding. It is not yet known when the official teaser will be released. being released for the public.

First Look at Downton Abbey (Twitter)

Cast and crew

Actors like Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Dockery, Elizabeth, Michelle McGovern, Laura Charmichael, Carter, and many others are in attendance for the film’s sequel.. Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West are the new faces of that cast.

The first video showed the King and Queen of England visiting the Grantham estate. the end it shows at a dance for royalty. It was an international success, grossing $ 97 million in the United States and $ 237.9 million globally.. Downton Abbey 2 is a Carnival Films production.

Image source: News9 Live


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