Asian Doll said Fivio Foreign congratulated her but changed her story after he denies the interaction


Fivio Foreign read a little story about himself on the internet on Friday. But to be clear, he wasn’t feeling the storytelling vibes. coming from asian doll. As you may already know, Asian is fingering Twitter from relationship status updates to selfie videos and love retweets from fans. This week she reportedly used those fingers to tell a story that only she seems to remember.

The story and the reaction of the main character

“I had my balaclava on at the fivio bowling alley and said take that shit off and show that pretty face we want to see that shit,” Asian tweeted.

Some time after the tweet was posted, Asian deleted it. Based on the screenshot shared by The Shade Room, it looks like the tweet was quickly deleted because it only shows 10 retweets, 12 quote tweets, and 340 likes.

Nonetheless, the tweet made it to the Fivio timeline. He kept his initial response simple and straight to the point.

“Wtf… what kind of lie is that?” fivio replied to Asian’s tweet.

A few minutes later, Fivio followed up with another tweet letting people know there’s no smoke with Asian.

“She da homie for sure… but I gotta gurl… You know I’m not moving like that,” she wrote.

Nearly 12 hours later, Fivio’s initial response tweet racked up over 3,300 retweets and 8,900 likes. Meanwhile, his second tweet garnered close to 1,400 retweets and 7,000 likes.

Asian explains why she shared the story

Numbers aside, the interaction didn’t end there. Asian Doll responded to Fivio by clearing the air on why she told the story.

“You know my boy @FivioForeign and I was fucking high and you know my body and I love you bitch and you know I love my heart that’s in there with you,” Asian wrote on Twitter.

Asian Doll then took some time to clear Twitter users criticizing her for her post and delete tweet.

“I’m just a viral bitch,” Asian responded to a user who suggested it’s time she hired a social media manager or PR team.

“The way I’m not embarrassed is crazy,” Asian told a user who wrote “so embarrassed.”

Asian sticks to the original story

But, minutes later, Asian decided to double down on her alleged interaction with Fivio. He took to Instagram Live to address everyone chatting about the situation.

“Y’all in the crib bored talking about a tweet,” Asian said live. “I said what I said brother, I am very pretty and he said what he said. He probably doesn’t even remember…because he was stoned as hell.”

He went on to say that the interaction “wasn’t some weird ‘I want to fuck with you’ shit.” She said that Fivio doesn’t like her in a romantic way and she doesn’t like him that way either.

“[He’s] I won’t be the last nigga to say I’m cute,” Asian said. “Everyone says I’m pretty, everyone! I’m pretty pretty, what are you talking about, especially in real life.”

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