Ashling Murphy’s death: Professor brutally murdered while jogging


A 23-year-old teacher was killed in an unprovoked attack by a stranger while running down the canal. The police have launched a murder investigation.

A young master was fatally attacked by a stranger while out for a night run.

Ashling Murphy, 23, was violently assaulted along a canal in Cappincur, Tullamore, Co Offaly in Ireland, around 4pm yesterday.

The talented musician, who works at Durrow National School, was exercising along a known route when she was attacked. Sun reports.

Police believe the suspect, believed to be from outside the area, pounced in a random, unprovoked attack.

The man, in his 40s, was detained after the incident.

It is understood that the attack was witnessed by other walkers.

Officers believe the elementary school teacher and her attacker did not know each other.

An autopsy on the young woman’s body has not yet been performed.

A source said: “This was a completely random attack on a young woman who had just gone out for a run at night.

“It was also a very violent attack and the young woman suffered terrible injuries.”

A police family liaison officer has been appointed for Ashling’s family.

Meanwhile, local councilor Declan Harvey, who uses the canal as his regular exercise route, told the Irish Sun: “During the pandemic it kept us all sane because it is a place to walk along the canal, it is very quiet and pleasant. on a nice sunny day. like today.

‘Total shock’ over the murder of a teacher

“After today’s tragedy, I don’t know how well it will be used, how many people will use it, how people will feel using it, I don’t know.

“I would be afraid that my own wife would walk there now alone.

“I want to offer my condolences to the family, I just can’t understand it. For this to happen on a great, sunny Wednesday afternoon at four o’clock.

“It surprises me that the place was not crowded.

“It is heartbreaking for both the family and the people of Tullamore.

“It is a total shock, all my neighbors around here are shocked, some are very afraid to bring their children to walk there.

“God help the family, it is incredible that the poor girl went for a run and the family had to receive this news tonight, it is heartbreaking.”

Minister Simon Harris also sent his condolences to Ashling’s family last night.

He said: “A young woman just went for a jog in the afternoon and was brutally murdered. Thinking of her and her family and community tonight and her unimaginable pain.

“We must all act to end violence against women. We all have a responsibility. “

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald added: “Horrible. They brutally steal the life of a young woman. In broad daylight. In a crowded place.

“A nightmare for family, friends and the community.”

This article originally appeared on Sun and was reproduced with permission

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