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Apple is reportedly working on the new location for the Apple Store in LA Grove

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Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple Store in Los Angeles, with an unannounced store in Grove potentially set to replace the existing Apple Store operating in the same area.

Apple often retrofits stores to improve the customer experience, which can sometimes cause the company to shift the retail point of sale to a new and potentially larger space. The images that appeared over the weekend seem to point to one of those major changes in Los Angeles, which affected the Grove shopping center.

Images posted by From Bloomberg Mark Gurman to Twitter they represent what is described as a “great new Apple Store coming to the Grove in Los Angeles.” Although Apple didn’t announce it, Gurman believes it is a replacement store for Grove’s existing location, which “feels a lot” like he’s 19 years old.

In new research on the store, Gurman says the store “looks like the new space is indeed for a revamped Apple Store.”

The photos offer some clues to the new store, but the existing facade, which includes a large overhanging flat-roof section and a couple of trees flanking the store’s sides, echoes Apple’s typical retail design. The doors and windows are covered, preventing the visualization of the work.

So far, Apple has offered no indication that a new store will open in the area, or that it will move the existing Grove store. With the apparent progress on the new location, it looks like such an announcement will be coming soon.



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