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APC Secures Sales Rights for a Finnish Thriller Drama!

APC has acquired the worldwide sales right for its new suspense drama

APC (About Premiere Content) has the rights to his Finnish drama thriller. ‘A Good Family’ is a six-part series that is still in progress but is due out soon. Filming continues in Estonia for now.

The series tries to contribute a moral value under a strong dilemma. However, it talks about a family and how it should carry on. For a modern world that prefers to stay away from family, APC has surely tried to show it around the world.

Directors and Producers of APC Drama

APC must have had great confidence in the series, which led them to buy the rights to the series. They also have the best directors and producers behind the success story.

Petri Karra’s 2019 novel “The Dark Light” is behind the drama’s story. Karra is also a screenwriter and author who gave the amazing novel “Musta Valo.”

Instagram / Petri Karra

However, Minna Virtanen, producer and creator, said they collaborated even before the novels were published.

Virtanen’s Vertigo will produce the series in conjunction with the Finnish commercial channel and streaming service C More / MTV3.

Maria Sid from “Before We Die” and Samuli Edelmann “Mission: Impossible” will take the lead role.

Argument for ‘a good family’

The Scandinavian police thriller focuses on the modern approach to crime and families. The story takes us into the life of the police officer Anna and her husband Henrick. Performed by Maria Sid and Samuli Edelmann.

Your son brings a heinous crime to your doorstep that prompts you to act quickly. And as a family, they try everything to save their son from that crime. They even cross lines to help your child get out of trouble. But there is always a villain-like character named Lefa, a crime lord, and a lovable father. Tommi Korpela plays the role of Lefa in the drama.

This will also be APC’s global distribution after the suspense series “Man in Room 301”. This series will premiere in the fall of 2022. It will be available on Finnish streaming platforms such as YLE and also on Netflix.

Petri Karra's best novel, Musta Valo, which is the inside story of the series.
Instagram / Petri Karra

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