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Alice Evans Shares Alleged Email From Ioan Gruffudd Amid Divorce


Call him. Alice evans put her husband apart, Ioan Gruffudd, in full spiel on Twitter, accusing him of refusing to communicate with her in the middle of their divorce.

the Vampire Diaries alum, 50, posted a screenshot of a message via Twitter on Tuesday, October 12, that the Fantastic four The 48-year-old star reportedly sent it on Saturday, October 9. “I just had a FaceTime with [daughter] Elsie this Saturday morning (at night with me here in France), ”he allegedly wrote. “My time with Elsie was seized by you.”

The correspondence went on to suggest that subsequent conversations only take place on the co-parenting app OurFamilyWizard: “In the future, if you want to talk about Elise [sic] education or learning needs, be sure to make arrangements with me through the assistant to discuss these matters. You and I had agreed many months ago to use the magician as a means of communication. Please allow me to spend time with the children and if you want to discuss something with me about them, use the wizard. “

Evans responded in a series of tweets on Tuesday. “I don’t care that he’s sharing this,” he noted. “’Was my time with Elsie’ seized ‘by you’? I haven’t spoken to my husband in 9 months (his choice) Elsie is breaking down. School grades in free will. I was desperate for her opinion, so I dared to bow as she spoke to him. I did my fair share of crying, screaming, accusing. I begged and begged for at least some kind of ongoing discussion, for the children [sic] reason. That’s my way of reacting to a life-changing event. So he cheated on me. They have cheated on me for almost 10 months. “

She added: “Lastly, if you read this and feel angry or disgusted with me for sharing, that’s okay. For me, as some of you may know, this was a case of the last straw. For others it must have been a bit surprising or a strange thing to do. I understand clearly. “

Evans continued to discuss the matter with other Twitter users. She revealed that she is “seeing therapists [and] doctors ”due to his problems with Gruffudd and that his belongings are still in his old home.

“He still has [his] TOOTHBRUSH and all her makeup in my bathroom. Her closet is full of her clothes, “he tweeted.” I keep threatening to pack them up and leave them out … but I just can’t. I’m not that person. “

Evans further claimed that Gruffudd “spent all of our $ 300k savings on a litigator who constantly threatened me” and that the actor “threatened to take me to court and take” his daughters, Ella, 12, and Elsie, 8.

“I have not spent more than 2 days outside [the kids] in my life! He has not spent more than two consecutive nights with both of them in his life, “he alleged, also claiming that Gruffudd” talks to them twice a week for 2 minutes. “

Evans noted that she “didn’t mind giving up my acting career because I was so interested in hers.” However, he alleged that “a year ago he returned from [New Zealand] and almost at the door he said ‘I don’t love you anymore [sic]. ‘”

The actress claimed via Twitter in January that Gruffudd told her he planned to “leave his family,” adding that she and her daughters were “very confused and sad.” The couple subsequently issued a joint statement to Us weekly It said, “As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for our family and we remain committed to our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy. “

Evans, who married him Forever A former student in September 2007, she shared via Instagram in February that she was “fighting” separation because she “still loves[d] he. “He filed for divorce the following month.

U.S Gruffudd’s representative has been contacted for comment.

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