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Alaska State Senator Expelled From Airline For Failure To Comply With Mask Mandate Gets Covid-19

Lora Reinbold, a Republican serving in the Alaska State Senate, has Covid-19.

“It’s my turn to fight Covid head-on … play! Who do you think is going to win? When I defeat him, I will tell you my recipe, “he posted on Facebook.

He then proceeded to list the treatments he is taking, none of which have been licensed by medical professionals and which have not been shown to actually help cure Covid-19.

“I am taking a lot of vitamins ABCD, quercetin, and zinc citrate. Vit E and aspirin to reduce clotting. I am lucky to have got Ivirmectin as a ‘descovider’, ”he wrote.

In April, Alaska Airlines banned Reinbold after she argued with airport employees about a mask mandate.

The announcement came after video footage of Reinbold’s behavior went viral last week. At the time of the incident, Reinbold threatened to call the police about the employees and even began filming them with his phone while asking for their names.

“We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not allowed to fly with us due to her continued refusal to comply with employee instructions regarding the current mask policy,” said Alaska Airlines spokesman Tim Thompson. saying The Anchorage Daily News in an email.

“This suspension is effective immediately, pending further review. Federal law requires that all guests wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including during the flight, during boarding and disembarking, and while traveling through an airport, ”he added.

The ban has complicated Reinbold’s ability to return to work because his journey from the city of Eagle River to the capital of Juneau is only accessible by plane or boat.



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