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10 recipes to waste the leftovers – LifeSavvy

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leftover turkey casserole
Lauren sakiyama

Festive festivals inherently demand excesses. And that means the days after Thanksgiving are dedicated to the devourer’s leftover glory. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner; We’ve rounded up ten great ways to use up the extra turkey.

Leftover turkey is plentiful this time of year, especially if you bought a turkey much larger than your family could devour on Thanksgiving. While it’s always fun to heat up a hot plate with leftovers and just recreate the meal itself, it’s even more fun to mix turkey into new meals.

Turkey for breakfast

Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Casserole: You will need some additional filler on hand to make this one, but the results are worth it. And, because it’s a casserole, it’s a great option for serving a crowd. That might come in handy if you have leftover guests too!

Get the recipe: Tastes Of Lizzy – Breakfast Casserole

Turkey breakfast burrito: We love a tasty breakfast burrito. This one is packed with all the unused Thanksgiving food – mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course, turkey!

Get the recipe: Meal 52 – Breakfast Burritos

turkey skillet for breakfast
Marina at MarinaMakesBlog.com

Leftover Turkey Breakfast Skillet: For fans of fried egg, this is the post-Thanksgiving breakfast dream. We love that the recipe calls for browning the leftover turkey as well. It’s a great way to add a little texture to the dish.

Get the recipe: Marina Makes Blog- Turkey Breakfast Skillet

Turkey for lunch

The classic leftover turkey sandwich is always an option. But if you’re looking for something special, try a salad or soup. Soups and chili are exceptionally good for freezing. And that’s a win in our book because, really, how much longer do you want to live off leftover turkey?

Turkey noodle soup: For the best possible flavor, use the turkey carcass to make broth for the soup first. Simply place the bones in a slow cooker overnight with a gallon of water and whatever vegetable scraps you have on hand. The next morning remove the fat with a spoon, strain the vegetables and season to taste. You are ready for the soup!

Get the recipe: Dinner at the zoo’s turkey noodle soup

Leftover turkey salad: Dare we say this beats classic chicken salad? Well, turkey tends to be tastier, moister, and more tender. So yes, we are saying it.

Get the recipe: Leftover Turkey Salad from Just A Taste

Leftover turkey chili: If your turkey noodle soup is too mushy, try this spicy chili for lunch! Chances are, you already have most of the ingredients in your pantry, making this an easy pick.

Get the recipe: Leftover Turkey Chili from Little Broke

Turkey for dinner

By the time you get to dinner the day after Thanksgiving, turkey may have become a dreaded noun. However, with enough creativity, you can transform the bird into a variety of new flavors and functions.

J Kenji Lopez Alt.

Leftover Turkey Carnitas Tacos: Because leftover turkey tacos would be boring. This recipe crisps up leftovers and seasons them with orange and onion, creating the ultimate in turkey tacos.

Get the recipe: Serious Eats Turkey Carnitas

Leftover turkey jambalaya: Spicy, tangy, and full of flavor, this dish stands in stark contrast to traditional Thanksgiving flavors. And that’s good, because how many more combinations of turkey, blueberry, and sage stuffing do you really want to eat?

Get the recipe: Spicy Southern Kitchen Turkey Jambalaya

Shepherd’s Pie with Turkey: If you had leftover mashed potatoes, this is the perfect day after Thanksgiving dinner.

Get the recipe: Mantitlement.com Turkey Shepherd Pie

Leftover rice and turkey in a pot Casserole: The last thing we want to do after a food-heavy vacation is more dishes. Which means it’s a perfect time to pull recipes out of one pot!

Get the recipe: Leftover Turkey Casserole from BasicGinger.com

The days after the holidays are made for laziness and easy leftover meals. You bought an extra large bird for good reason, now put it to use! Soup, chili, casseroles, and tacos are great ways to spruce up your turkey. So pick a recipe and scoop out the leftovers. Who knows? Your turkey could be even better the second time around!

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