Woman who claims to have a child with Lil Durk responds to a post listing the names of her other children


Lil Durk jumped onto his Insta page on Thursday night with a message about fatherhood. He talked about being a good father as he recognized one area for improvement: quality time. To close the post, he listed the names of the seven children of his. Well, it seems that the woman who previously alleged that she shares a child with Durk did not feel her position. Travonna took to social media with long cheers and demands between Thursday night and Friday morning.

“I feel where all of you are coming from sending me the nonsense you said, but at the same time I identify with a word you say because your word means nothing, like you the voice, but you leave your blood son out of your mix for whatever reason , smh”, Travonna. she wrote. “When the shit is revealed once they catch up with him, I don’t want apologies, but I don’t. Romeo, the main, hurt, but everyone thinks of their own feelings and images of why make a post instead of going to pick up his children. It’s not like they can read it. NOW HE DOES EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET. A GREAT DAY AHEAD OF ME.”

Who are Travonna and Romeo?

Last year Travona told tasha k during an interview that she and Lil Durk share a seven-year-old son named Romeo. She claimed that she supported Durk in his rise to fame, from taking him to the studio to buying him food. However, she accused the rap artist of spending coins on designer items and his friends, while her “son is completely removed from the equation.”

In her recent posts, Travonna criticized Durk for the wording of her post, including naming her seven children, including those with bride india royale.

“And another thinks he is making a post without Romeo’s name, don’t make him your son,” he wrote. “He still has your blood in his veins, but he’s still on the internet.”

In other posts, Travonna said she’s biting her tongue but is human and “fed up.” She went on to say that she hates the Internet, but that she “got [her] to court.”

Travonna says Lil Durk missed a scheduled court date

Travonna also passed through here. TSR’s comment section with a message about the pitch.

She wrote: “Tell him to come to court and be done with it. He left his son Romeo… he missed court yesterday and now he has points to prove on social media to feed his ego. @ildurk come to court” .

Additionally, Travonna spoke out on Instagram Live on Friday and made further claims that Lil Durk is aware of her alleged relationship with her son. Travonna also alleges that she has made plans with Romeo.

“If you’ve let a child know that you’re the father, that you’re the father, they’re going to come looking for you,” Travonna said. “They’re not going to forget you and what you talked about and what your plan was.”

In other posts, she clarified that she is “far from an influence hound,” but insisted that Durk go to court and take a paternity test.


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