Will David Montgomery play Monday night? Fantasy Injury Update for Bears-Steelers Week 9 Monday Night Football


After trending up all week, it appears Bears running back David Montgomery (knee) will be active on Monday Night Football against the Steelers. This has a trickle down effect on fantasy football, as Khalil Herbert’s owners are also waiting for news on whether Montgomery is playing. We will be here with injury updates until the start of Monday, but you will likely need to make your decisions to start, sit down on Sunday, when you have more substitutes and potential substitutes at your disposal. Fortunately, you can also find alignment tips below.

We will continue to update this article with news about Montgomery until the official active / inactive report comes out on Monday around 6:45 pm ET. For the latest fantasy updates, follow us on Twitter @ SN_Fantasy.

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Will David Montgomery play Monday night?

Montgomery (knee) hasn’t been on the field since Week 4, but Bears coach Matt Nagy said Saturday there’s a “very good chances“The RB star gets his clothes on Monday. Earlier in the week, there was a report that the Bears hope Montgomery can at least get.”some work. ”

Attack player | Running back | The wide receiver | Hard ending | D / ST | Kicker

This actually puts fancy owners in a tough spot. If Montgomery is active, which it looks like it will be, you probably won’t see more than 10-12 taps. Against Pittsburgh’s solid running defense, that would make him a flex, at best, and he’d probably need to score to get to that state. Montgomery’s activation would leave Khalil Herbert in a similar place, meaning neither of them can be counted on.

Attack player | Running back | The wide receiver | Hard ending | D / ST | Kicker

If Montgomery is out, Herbert would be a solid RB2. Of course, considering this is the last game of the week, fantasy owners won’t be able to wait for the news, and there are no real viable pivots outside of some desperate flex plays like TE Pat Freiermuth and maybe WR Darnell Mooney (if he’s active). The smart move is to simply play another RB (or WR, if you have Herbert in a flexible spot) before Monday. If Montgomery is out then you will be annoyed not having Herbert in your lineup, but it seems likely Montgomery will play, so why take that risk?

You will most likely be angry one way or another, so keep things simple and ignore the Bears’ RBs in leagues all season this week. If you really want a piece of them, play a single game DFS contest.


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