Why the Broncos finished with a first-ten even after the Cowboys blocked a punt


Sometimes things go so well that they actually go to the left.

That was the case for the Cowboys in the third quarter of their confrontation with the Broncos: Already down 16-0 in the third quarter, Dallas needed a big boost, and they got it, through a blocked punt.

While the punt was blocked by Malik Turner, the ball passed the line of scrimmage, crashing into Nashon Wright, before landing in the hands of tight end Jake Butt. Butt would advance the ball, and the Broncos, yes, the Broncos, would get a first down after the strange play.

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Former NFL chief umpire Dean Blandino explained why the Broncos got their first shot for possession:

Once the Cowboys’ Wright touches the ball beyond the line, the Broncos are eligible to recover and advance the ball.

Even though the Broncos player advanced the ball and did not reach the first down marker, it is still treated as a new possession (as he would in his typical cushion punt), leading to Denver possession and first down. down.

It is no different than when a kicked ball brushes a defender’s finger and is tossed by a receiving player.

While there is some disagreement about whether or not the Broncos should have been awarded first, it seems to be the letter (and spirit) of the rule.

The Broncos would capitalize on the new life, scoring a field goal and extending their lead over the Cowboys 19-0.

Moral of the story: Don’t spoil a punt, even if it’s blocked. Usually, you will see something new every NFL Sunday.


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