The Duggar Family Attends Lawson Bates’ Wedding: Ceremony Details


Wedding celebrations! Members of the Duggar family traveled to sunny California to celebrate Bates-Lawson‘ nuptials with girlfriend tiffany espensen.

the raising bats star married her fiancee at a ceremony on Friday, May 13, in San Diego. “I am overloaded with so many bittersweet emotions. I cried over and over today with all the speeches and love tonight,” Tiffany wrote in her May 12 Instagram post.

before the nuptials, Whitney Bates sweet shared photos while sightseeing with my husband Zach Bates and the children Bradley and Casey. Included in the photos was Abby DuggarGrace’s daughter, who also accompanied the beach day.

“Spent the morning sightseeing, watching seals swim off the beach, and hanging out with friends,” Whitney’s caption read on Wednesday, May 11. “We are having so much fun and loving our time here in Cali!”

Other 19 kids and counting family members as patriarch Jim Bob Duggar and kids Jane Duggar other james duggard they took a snapshot of themselves enjoying dessert at the reception.

Jeremiah Duggar other hanna duggar They also attended the day of love, while posing for a image with another assistant. Hannah wore a ruffled blue dress, while Jeremiah opted for khaki pants and a white button-down shirt.

The celebration seemed to have taken place on a boat with a beautiful view of the ocean and a photo-worthy sunset.

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Courtesy of the Duggar family/Instagram

The Bates and Duggar families have become close. family friends over the years, mainly because they have a similar home. Each family has 19 members, and both are deeply rooted in the Christian faith.

Tiffany and Lawson started dating in 2020, and the whirlwind relationship moved on pretty quickly when the singer popped the big question in October 2021.

“Knowing you last year has made more days and brighter memories than I could have ever dreamed of,” she said in her October 2021 engagement announcement. “I can’t wait to make one more life of them with you! Thank you for saying ‘YES’ to our forever”.

the newlyweds recently they bought their first home in March 2022. New Nashville, Tennessee residents revealed they saw the house in November 2021 and instantly fell in love with it.

“We finally have the house and officially close on March 4,” her caption read. “This milestone in our lives together is something we’re definitely celebrating.”


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