Ten dead in fire in the COVID ward of the Indian hospital | Coronavirus pandemic news


An official told New Delhi Television that some 17 patients were in the Maharashtra ward when the fire broke out.

Ten patients died after a fire broke out in the COVID-19 ward of a hospital in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, authorities said.

An official told New Delhi Television that around 17 patients were in the Ahmednagar city ward when the fire broke out. The remaining patients were transferred to a COVID-19 ward at another hospital, District Magistrate Rajendra Bhosle said.

While the fire has since been controlled, the cause was not immediately clear, he added, saying officials will carry out an investigation.

Former Chief Minister of State Devendra Fadnavis took to Twitter to call for “strict action” against those responsible.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took to Twitter to offer his condolences to the bereaved, adding: “May the injured recover as soon as possible.”

The incident is the latest in a chain of deadly fires in hospitals across the country.

In May, when the country was battling a devastating surge in coronavirus cases, a fire in a COVID-19 pavilion in western India. killed 16 patients.

That fire, which broke out at the Patel Welfare Hospital in the city of Baruch, also killed two staff members, authorities said.

A month before that, 13 people were killed when another fire door broke through an intensive care unit on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Past incidents have been attributed to poor machine maintenance, equipment malfunction, and the lack of adequate fire fighting equipment.

India experienced a huge wave of COVID-19 infections in early 2021, overwhelming hospitals across the country.

Since then, cases have dropped amid a widespread vaccination campaign.


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