Stassi Schroeder accused of buying a spot on the New York Times bestseller list.


Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder has been criticized for allegedly using sneaky tricks to get her new book, ‘Out of My Head: The Ultimate Basic B—- Manual for Surviving Rock Bottom‘, on the New York Times bestseller list. the Vander’s Bomb Rules alum is currently in Italy with his former co-stars, to celebrate his second wedding with Bella Clark.

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Stassi opened up in the book about being kicked off the reality show over allegations of racism.

Stassi was fired from the Bravo show in June 2020, after a resurfaced podcast clip revealed that the reality star admitted that in 2018, she and Kristen Doute alerted police that a black woman suspected of robbery could be her co-star, stowers of faith. She described “seven days in hell” during which she lost several endorsement deals, her agents, and her job with Bravo. She wrote that a vpr spin-off show, which would be released for her wedding to beautiful clarkwhat’s in the works at the moment.

“The ‘Vanderpump’ spin-off was supposed to tie into an episode about my beautiful Italian wedding, which the new show would then feature. Surprise! We were all looking forward to it,” the former reality star wrote. “At first, we thought the spin-off would go ahead with some kind of focus on cancellation and travel to educate ourselves.”

“Imagine making a terrible mistake, but one that has nothing to do with how good you are at your job. And one that doesn’t really reflect who you are. Stassi wrote. “You are told to keep quiet. You’re already ashamed of the mistake you made. You already want to fix it. But besides that, every person you know or have known knows about this bug.”

Stassi took to Instagram last week to announce that her book had made it to the prestigious list. “Off With My Head” hit the market in April.

“Holy m-. Off With My Head is a New York Times bestseller! Omg,” she captioned the post. “It feels incredibly unreal to be recognized twice…and please ignore the foils. Being a blonde requires a lot of maintenance.”

by Stassi The first book, “Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook,” was previously on the acclaimed list. Stassi posted a clip capturing the moment he received the news, along with a screenshot of the official top 10 list, which revealed his book at number eight in the “Tips, How-to & Miscellaneous” category.

However, the screenshot of the listing revealed a small dagger symbol and the word “Gallery” next to the book’s title. This indicates that the author made the list due to bulk orders, which are usually placed by “those with a stake in the success of the book,” according to Gawker, who first reported the murky backstory surrounding the book. book success.

Meanwhile, Stassi He seems unbothered by the rumors swirling around his literary success, as he continues to share celebratory snaps from Italy. Tuesday, Stassi, Prince, and some of his guests, including Katie Maloney, Rob Evors, Kristina Kelly, Dylan Leong, other Christopher Shanley, landed in Rome, Italy.

The couple married in their backyard in 2020 after they were forced to postpone their dream wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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