Russia Scrawls Chilling Eurovision Message On Bombs After Calls For Show To Be ‘NUKED’ In State Media Collapse

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UKRAINE’s triumph at Eurovision has brought Russia to its knees with chilling messages scrawled on bombs and disturbing calls for the show to be “bombed”.

Kalush Orchestra steamed to the top of the table with an impressive 631 points – rattle Russian state media.

Russian troops allegedly scrawled 'Eurovision 2022' on a bomb


Russian troops allegedly scrawled ‘Eurovision 2022’ on a bomb
Another message referred to the band's request for help to be sent to Mariupol.


Another message referred to the band’s request for help to be sent to Mariupol.


Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision with the Kalush Orchestra has collapsed Russian state mediaCredit: AP

In a social media post, Russian journalist Yuliya Vityazeva proposed blowing up the final at the Pala Olympic Arena in Turin, Italy, with a missile.

She wrote: “Bomb him with a satanic missile.”

In an opinion piece published on the website of Moscow’s AiF newspaper, columnist Vladimir Polupanov called the show “boring and politicized television” and “fake”.

He wrote that “the competition stinks of a rotten swamp” and stated that “almost none of the winners, with the exception of ABBA”, become “big stars”.

All Eurovision fans say the same about the victory and the host of Ukraine next year
Defiant Ukrainians return to normal life in a city hit by Russian bombing

Meanwhile, disturbing images posted on Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels show the Eurovision2022 hashtag written on a bomb, as well as references to Kalush Orchestra, from Ukraine victorious gang.

While on stage, the group called for more help for the defeated city of Mariupol.

“Help Azovstal, right now?” Kalush Orchestra leader, Oleg Psiuk, said as he implored people to release hundreds of Ukrainian fighters trapped in the steel mill.

In a chilling response, Russian troops reportedly wrote “Kalush, as you asked”, “help Mariupol” and “help Azovstal right now” via bomb.

Hundreds of people remain trapped under the Azovstal plant, with Mariupol suffering some of the worst destruction. from the war.

The Azov battalion, among the last 1,000 defenders of the plant, sent their thanks from the maze of tunnels below the plant.

They posted on Telegram: “Thanks to Kalush Orchestra for their support! Glory to Ukraine!”

Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision after receiving special permission to leave the country to represent Ukraine in the music contest.

The band and their song Stefania beat out 24 other artists in the grand finale of the competition.

With the public vote, they overtook Britain’s Sam Ryder, who led after national juries from 40 countries cast their vote, to first place.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy celebrated the victory, the country’s third since its Eurovision debut in 2003.

He posted: “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!”

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“Next year Ukraine wants to host Eurovision!

“For the third time in its history. And I think not for the last time.”

The images of the bombs were published by the Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels.


The images of the bombs were published by the Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels.
A Russian journalist suggested bombing the final with a missile


A Russian journalist suggested bombing the final with a missileCredit: East2West


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