Ria Atayde to start living independently


Actress Ria Atayde is grateful that her mother, actress Sylvia Sánchez, has given her the green light to live independently.

“[Maybe] now the most different way of how I feel my mom’s love is the way she is helping me in terms of moving,” said Atayde when asked how she feels her mother’s love for her, during the online press conference for the final episode of “Viral Escándalo”, May 3.

“Next week I will be living on my own already. For the first time, I’m going to be independent,” she said, noting that it took her mother five years to let her move out of her house.

Now that she is getting ready to leave the house, her mother even helps her choose which appliances to buy and is the one who takes care of some things that are needed to make her move smooth.

“That’s how I know she loves me right now… It’s not something she wants but it’s what I said I needed. And then she is respecting him and embracing and even celebrating,” she said.

Atayde river. Image: Instagram/@ria

Atayde plays Atty. Laura Dizon in the series, where she plays Charlie Dizon’s character, Rica Sicat, after being involved in a sex scandal that has gone viral. Atayde describes her journey in the series as a “roller coaster [ride] from beginning to end”.

“It was so much fun. We made a lot of memories, as cheesy as that sounds, and I feel like it was a learning experience for me as a person and as an actress,” she said.

“Viral Scandal,” which also stars Joshua Garcia, Jameson Blake, Romana Dimples, Maxene Magalona, ​​Kaila Estrada, Markus Patterson and Jake Cuenca, will air its final episode tomorrow, Friday, May 13. JB


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