RHOBH’s Erika Jayne on what she misses most about Tom


RHOBH's Erika Jayne Shares What She Misses Most About Tom Girardi, Says He Sometimes Thinks She Is

After a year of relative silence in the press, Erika Jayne is officially back on the interview circuit. Eighteen months ago, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the star left her husband tom giradiwho was accused of embezzlement of money from former clients. Due to the complaints, Erika’s name was dragged through the mud both in the media and in court.

Tom, who left his mansion to live in a senior housing complexHe was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The former lawyer now has a guardianship supervised by his younger brother, Robert.

Talking with page six, Erika spoke about the complex situation.

“Look, Tom is in a state of decline,” he said. “He is living in a memory care facility and that is how life goes. He’s… hard to deal with, but he’s here. Looking back, it’s hard to disconnect from someone you’ve been with for over two decades, especially when you know he’s going through a rough patch.”

the plug he asked her if she ever missed him.

“Of course. I miss Tom before he got sick,” she answered. this place in our life and he is here.

Although Erika is still in contact with Tom, the 82-year-old sometimes forgets who she is. “I take the call from her and it’s never more than 10 seconds,” she shared. “And sometimes he thinks I’m someone else… so there’s a lot of that.”

During their calls, Tom sounds different than Erika now. “His energy from him,” he explained to him, “[It] it was very bright… Its star just dimmed a bit.”

Being dragged into Tom’s legal battles has affected Erika’s focus on romantic relationships.

“I can still have love for people, even though they may have let me down or something. But I think the trust issue is probably more [important]. That’s probably the most important thing, is confidence.”

Currently she enjoys the physical side of dating and is not worried about remarrying.

“It’s good to be physical,” Erika said. “I am single for the first time in my adult life and it feels good. It’s like being a great teenager again. And I’m fine like this.”

The star has one important rule: no more lawyers. “A lawyer? Run!” she expressed “A lawyer is a red flag, bye!”

Eventually, Erika hopes to find her perfect match. “I value intelligence, a sense of humor and someone who is really good at whatever they do in life,” Bravolebrity said. “That’s the kind of man I’m looking for.”

Her public setbacks have only made her stronger.

“I think I really found out how strong I was,” Erika said. “How much persistence I have and that I refuse to give up.”

Maybe Erika needed that persistence to face the missiles from her co-stars. Based on the season 12 premiere, Sutton and Garcelle seem happy to lead the charge. In the war of the Housewives, one must always find the easiest target.

As of now, Erika still has a giant circle painted on her back.


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